Statement From NYS Conservative Party “Strong Medicine Ad”

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
October 27, 2023

60-Second Radio Ad Offers New York Voters Conservative Solutions to Pressing State and Local Challenges

Brooklyn-NY…”The New York State Conservative Party today announced that it has released a 60-second radio advertisement called “Strong Medicine” that encourages voters across the State of New York to vote on the Conservative Line — Row “C” — in the upcoming state and local elections. The ad is now airing in select markets across New York State and will run through Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th.

“Strong Medicine” can be heard here.

“Whether it’s runaway crime, the totally avoidable immigration crisis, or constantly rising rents and grocery prices, millions of New Yorkers have had it with the progressive status quo in this state,” said New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “We are offering voters what we’ve always offered them — old-fashioned common sense — and we’re highly optimistic that a lot of voters will take us up on that in the coming days. New York families are fleeing the state in record numbers, and there’s a reason for that: Progressive liberalism has brought this state to its knees; it’s time for a conservative resurgence in New York.”

The script for “Strong Medicine” is below.

“Strong Medicine”

:60 radio

V1: [Male; Nervous, exasperated] Oh hi, Doctor, finally . . . V2: [Male; Authoritative] What brings you in today?

V1: It’s anxiety, Doc. I can’t even watch the news. We’re treating illegal  immigrants like honored guests. Criminals run wild. The economy’s just  nauseating. And the corrupt politicians? They couldn’t care less.

V2: I see. Tell me: Have you tried voting on the Conservative Party line? V1: The Conservative Party?

V2: Correct. I find that when people get sick of talk and excuses, they do  much better voting Conservative.

V1: Huh, how’s it work?

V2: The Conservative Party ONLY backs candidates who are tough on illegal  immigration . . . and who defend the law-abiding, not the criminals. So your  vote actually accomplishes something on the Conservative Party line.

V1: Wow. Any side effects?

V2: Well, if you’re ever around AOC or other Socialists, don’t tell them you  vote Conservative. It could cause seizures.

V3: [Male; Upbeat] This election, look for the Conservative Party line, Row C  on your ballot.

Vote Conservative. It’s the cure for what ails New York.

Paid for by the State Conservative Campaign Committee.