Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 9/22/23


Coming a week after President Biden provided the Iranian terrorist state with access to billions of dollars which had been rightfully frozen, the President’s message to the anti-American United Nations body consisted of canned comments about everyone getting along.

Nice comments that do not reflect reality – just ask any Ukrainian or Israeli.

This past week we are once again reminded that the United Nations is a wholly ineffective world body that costs the United States over $12 billion annually (20% of their overall budget) as it insults and ignores our interests at best, often outright working against American interests.

The UN spends more time voting to be officially a non-participant in world events than an active arbitrator. 

The United States should re-access its commitment to the United Nations.  At a minimum, we should reduce our financial role. While we are at it, the UN should arrange for its member organizations to pay NYC the hundreds of millions in fines that the city is owed. 


The Conservative Party has joined the GOP, NYS Republican Members of Congress and a number of citizen plaintiffs in challenging legislation signed by Governor Hochul this past week that allows mail in early voting. You can read our full press release here:

This runs completely contrary to the NYS Constitution reaffirmed in 2021 by the defeat of a ballot proposition that essentially did the same thing.

Voters rightfully believe that paper ballots are highly suspect lending themselves to increased fraud.  The voters spoke and as usual, the Democrats and the Governor ignored them.

I will keep you informed as our action moves through the Judicial system.


Community protestors are now being arrested on Staten Island and other parts of the city for opposing illegal immigrant shelters appearing in their neighborhoods.

Adams and Hochul who used to talk about decisions being based on community input are totally silent as police, under orders, interfere with our constitutionally protected right to express our opposition to government dictates.

As I have said in the past the illegal immigrant crisis begins and ends with Democratic elected officials. There are no Conservatives or Republicans in office who support what the Biden, Hochul and Adams Administrations are doing on this issue.