Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact:Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
September 20, 2023

Gov. Hochul’s Partisan Early Voting-by-Mail Shenanigans is Directly Repudiating the Will of Voters: New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar 

Brooklyn-NY…“Governor Kathy Hochul signed one of the most disingenuous pieces of legislation in memory into law today in a cynical bid to aid the Democratic Party at the expense of fair elections and ballot integrity in New York State. In doing so, Gov. Hochul is directly repudiating the will of the voters who overwhelmingly rejected early voting by mail in a referendum two years ago. The Conservative Party will proudly join others in challenging this new law in court on clear Constitutional grounds.

“There is no impediment to voting in New York State. Voters have ample ways to cast their ballots. But Mrs. Hochul and her ‘progressive’ colleagues in Albany, who already control every lever of government in New York State, are constantly spreading falsehoods in an attempt to engineer election results to their liking. Mail-in-voting is inherently insecure, and they know it, but Gov. Hochul and the Democrats want it so badly that they devised an intricate legislative end-around of the People themselves. The question we must ask is ‘why?’ Why would Governor Hochul and her colleagues go to such trouble to overturn the results of a 2021 state ballot initiative? The answer, sadly, is obvious. Mrs. Hochul and her party want to hold power perpetually, the voters be damned. This new law will not survive legal challenge.”