Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact: Andrew Davis, 845-522-1915
August 18, 2023

Statement on the Passing of James Buckley by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

It is with great sorrow that the Conservative Party marks the passing of former U.S. Senator James Buckley. The life and accomplishments of James Buckley will forever be linked with the Conservative Party. In 1970, he made history, when he was elected to the Senate solely on the Conservative Party line; we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude.

In fact, all New Yorkers and the nation has lost a man who spent most of his long life in service to his country.

James Buckley is the only American to hold senior roles in all three branches of government.

From World War II naval service through a term in the US Senate, senior roles in the Reagan Administration and years on the Federal Bench, James Buckley’s legacy will be praised and studied for generations to come.

A member of a family who played a key role in forming the modern conservative movement, James Buckley was a “man for all seasons”.

He will be greatly missed.