Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 8-18-23

We Will Never Forget, But Some Have

I worked around the corner from the World Trade Center. When the buildings came down it did not take me long to realize that many residents of my community and graduates of my High School and College had perished. I lost count of the funeral services and street naming memorials. Together with many other volunteers during the first three weeks we collected what was needed and made many runs over to the site under escort.  I know I will “Never Forget.”  I now doubt if I can say that about America.

The twenty second anniversary is less then a month away. When I look at American foreign policy I wonder if the Biden Administration has forgotten. When I hear about American Border security with ample evidence that terrorists move in and out of our nation regularly, I wonder if those who support open borders have forgotten.  When I see athletes and other Americans take a knee when our National Anthem is played, I know that they have forgotten.

The Biden Administration is actually considering sparing the four 9/11 living masterminds the death penalty. Yes, they have forgotten.

Even flying the American Flag in parts of our state is beginning to feel like an act of defiance against the “woke” left. I suspect many reading the wrap up have felt the same.

The Conservative Party is made up of fighters. We will “Never Forget.”

We need to do what we do best. Double our efforts to honor our nation by celebrating patriotic holidays, remembering solemn occasions such as 9/11, flying our American flags and most of all voting for candidates that reflect our morals and beliefs.

We also need to remind younger people in our orbit why we do these things and why it is important.

Speaker McCarthy In New York

 House Republican leadership has shown a strong commitment to keep New York Conservative/Republican Congressmembers in office. Our members were the “Majority Makers” in 2022 and we could very well be in that position again.

Actions, however, do speak louder than words. To that point I wish to thank Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for setting up a special committee that solely raises money to hold and pick up New York State Congressional seats. To date, the committee has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the effort with much more expected.

And a big shout out to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy who has been in the State many times to support our members.  In fact, next Wednesday he will be the keynote speaker at fundraising events for Congressman Brandon Williams in the afternoon in Onondaga County and in the evening for Congressman Marcus Molinaro in Sullivan County. I plan to catch up with him and Brandon in Onondaga.

Conservative Party at New York State Fair

As we did last year the State Party will be sponsoring a table at the New York State Fair for the entirety of the event. I wish to thank Onondaga Chairman Bernie Ment, for all of his tireless efforts; as well as area County Conservative Party organizations with their assistance in funding and providing volunteers.

We could use more volunteers to assist with the table. If you have a few hours please contact Chairman Ment at 315-278-8927.

Our table will be in the Micron Center of Progress.  I will be there on September 23rd with Chairman Ment and Congressman Williams.  Come by and say hello.