Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 8-11

Migrant Crisis is Self-Inflicted

Make no mistake about it, President Biden and his administration created the current migrant crisis facing New York City and State, but it was made significantly worse by Mayor Adams and the New York City Council. 

Mayor Adams and the Council prepped the ground for this disaster by declaring New York a sanctuary city years ago, Governor Hochul manages New York as if it was a sanctuary state, and Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand have been less than useless. Our local and state government have simply failed at every turn.

Over 100,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in New York City with thousands upon thousands more expected with a price tag that’s estimated to be at least $12 billion but will surely balloon. Adding insult to injury, park space is being used to build tent cities and now school space is in question.

This is an unmitigated disaster and the blame lies at the feet of Democrats and woke activists.  Can you name a single Republican or Conservative in this state who supported sanctuary status? I can’t.

Read my full op-ed on the migrant crisis here. Please share it as it is imperative this situation be brought to the forefront as this crisis continues to worsen.

Riot in the Heart of New York City

Today’s New York City cascades out of control often. The recent riot of teenagers in the thousands at Union Square Park by those in hope of obtaining free PlayStation 5’s is a timely example with a difference.

This riot involved older teenagers still in theory within the control of their parents and the rioters showed complete disregard for the NYPD, and private property. The NYPD used extreme restraint, something that our current radical political leadership demands. That usually involves the police backing off out of concern that they do not have the support of civilian management.

When the police cannot protect themselves, it goes without saying that they cannot protect us. This story needs a different ending. One in which parents take responsibility for their teenage children. It involves New Yorkers at all levels respecting the police, and frankly, themselves. 

As an aside, and I suppose it shows my age, I worked every summer from the time I was 14 years old. If I went into the “City” it was on a day off with friends. A rare happening for sure. I did not need free things because I made a few bucks to buy what I wanted (albeit Play Stations are a lot more expensive than clothing and baseball cards).

Jennifer Harrison on Patriots Podium

On Patriots Podium Episode #7, I had the pleasure of having a powerful conversation with Jennifer Harrison. Jennifer is the Executive Director of The Victims Rights Reform Council, and the Founder of the political action committee Victims Rights NY. She is incredibly brave, and given the current state of New York, her advocacy is extremely important. The podcast will premiere on all of our social media accounts Monday, 8/14. However, you can view early on any of the platforms below, feel free to give us a like and share!

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