Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 7/28

Parole Board Continues its Dangerous Ways

It is truly sad when the NYS Parole Board becomes one of the greatest impediments to public safety. Unfortunately, this has been the reality since Andrew Cuomo replaced George Pataki appointments during his tenure with left wing, criminal advocates that now dominate every parole board hearing.  A policy that continues under Governor Hochul.

Many violent criminals have been returned to the streets with recidivism being a very serious problem. Worse yet, cop killers have been given parole with growing frequency.

A few days ago, the public was informed that Scott Cobb, who participated in the assassination of Police Officer Eddie Byrnes during a contract killing by a NYC drug kingpin is being released by our “woke” Parole Board. 

Cop killers should be subject to Capital Punishment. Since that cannot happen in NYS with our present government leadership; A guaranteed life without parole should be the standard.  That too is being subjected to a reworking by the NY Legislature and Governor.

With this release, the Parole Board in the past six years has released 36 cop killers.

I knew Eddie Byrnes’s brother, Larry, who served as the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs. I worked with him during my years working in State government.  He told me that the direction of his life was completely changed by the death of his brother.  It was a big part of the reason why he chose the NYPD to focus his legal career eventually becoming the Deputy Commissioner.

Larry passed away a few years ago, but the memory of both Eddie and Larry lives on. The release of any person who takes a life in the commission of a crime hits me hard. The parole of Scott Cobb has hit me a little bit harder.

Read my full release here.

Hunter Biden’s Big Setback

You did not need to be conservative to know that the Biden family influence was working overtime at the Justice Department to cut Hunter Biden a deal in which he believed all his problems would go away.

The Republican House Majority said not so fast. They brought to the attention of the American people, through a formal hearing process, the many potential criminal issues that the Justice Department deal could not cover.

A Judge agreed. Immediately knowing that the Justice Department clarification (albeit under the illumination of the House hearings) had collapsed what he and his attorney’s thought was blanket coverage, he withdrew from the agreement.

Hunter Biden has not yet been brought to justice. Nevertheless, this is an important step.

Now there is increased hope that the role of the President in protecting Hunter will become fully public and the American people can get a true understanding of this father/son relationship as it involves all sorts of sordid business activities by his degenerate son.

Brianna Lyman Headlines State Party Mixer & EJ McMahon as our Podcast Guest

Brianna Lyman part of a new, young generation of conservative leaders headlined a well -attended mixer the NYS Conservative Party held this past week in Goshen.

Brianna, a journalist with the Daily Caller and a regular guest on Newsmax, received a standing ovation. The Fordham University graduated who hails from Dutchess County covered a wide range of conservative issues including the role a 25 year old female journalist can play in growing the movement. You can view her speech here.

Follow her on the Daily Caller and if you see her name coming up on a Newsmax show, it is worth taking the time to hear what she has to say. 

This week, we had EJ McMahon, a Senior Fellow and founder of the Empire Center, as a guest on our podcast. EJ, as always, was amazing as he has a depth of knowledge in history, politics, finance, and economics that is unrivaled in New York.  Our podcast was an informative discussion that covered many areas.

Watch EJ and myself on this weeks podcast here.