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July 27, 2023

Statement on Release of Scott Cobb Who Participated in the Assassination of Police Officer Eddie Byrne by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“It seems like only yesterday that New Yorkers were awakened to the shocking news that 22-year-old New York City Police Officer Eddie Byrnes had been brutally assassinated the night before in a contract killing ordered by a notorious New York City drug kingpin. Officer Byrne’s cold-blooded murder became an instant national symbol of the brazen lawlessness that had enveloped New York, and elected leaders of all political persuasions at the time demanded justice for the young officer, who had only been on the job for a month.

“Now we learn that one of Officer Byrne’s killers, Scott Cobb, is being released by New York’s infamously ‘woke’ parole board, an entity that has paroled up to 36 cop killers over the past six years alone. How quickly New York’s Democratic political leaders, who appointed this board, have forgotten Officer Byrnes and the outrage his assassination caused.

“The political left’s extraordinary disregard for law enforcement officers is now plain to see, and officers on the job today feel it. They deserve better, and so does Eddie Byrnes and his family. Mr. Cobb’s release is an abomination of justice. This parole board has to go.”