Here They Go Again

It is possible that President Trump is not your first choice for President. Even so, the new revelation coming from Mr. Trump that he is a target for a likely criminal indictment over the January 6th events further makes the case that the Federal government is conducting a witch hunt.

Numerous legal experts, including many that lean left, have commented that charging the former President for texts and public statements surrounding the invasion of the United States Capitol is a stretch.  The communications in question and under review do not make the case for what the prosecutors are claiming. In fact, Mr. Trump was public in using the same media calling for protestors to stand down and remain peaceful. Prosecutors do bend the truth for their own benefit. Charging a leading Presidential candidate who was President at the time in question with a form of insurrection is not going to sit well with most Americans – some of whom are not supporting Trump this time around.

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith needs to be reminded that even former Presidents have their rights. 

NYC Absurd Shelter Laws

A New York Post story about a new sixty-day shelter limit for single undocumented migrants seeking asylum shows the complete absurdity of the city’s longstanding sanctuary policy as well as Biden/Hochul immigration policies.

The obvious first question is where do those who have met their time limit of sixty days go? The city’s answer is to have them reapply. That is a true head scratcher of an answer providing no solution but very appropriate for a large bureaucracy.

According to published reports, Adams having met enormous resistance around the state to his efforts to move the migrants to other locations, is spending taxpayer dollars at the border with flyers and advertisements urging border crossers to go anywhere but NYC since we have run out of available shelter with no jobs being available. Border patrol has thus far refused to distribute those flyers.

The answer lies with the failed Biden policies that have taken a porous border and turned it into an open border.  The United States ,as shown by President Trump, can successfully close borders and mitigate the illegal migrant crisis. Democrats like Adams intuitively know that is what needs to be done.

Biden needs to think “America First” read my full statement for more information here.

Join us in Orange County

The State Conservative Party will be holding a young professionals mixer Wednesday, July 26th, from 6-8 pm at Delancy’s Restaurant in Goshen NY (40 Park PL, Goshen NY, 10924). We will have an array of legislators in attendance, as well as media personality Brianna Lyman, who will join me to speak about her path to being a national conservative commentator. I also expect a lively discussion on many topics of the day as we enjoy a cocktail or two and some food.

A little background on Brianna: Brianna Lyman is a brilliant young political commentator and breaking news reporter for the Daily Caller making regular appearances on Newsmax. She will talk to us about the media and their role in politics. We are thrilled she made herself available to us and look forward to having her. The event is free (although the bar is not). Please RSVP to Andrew Davis (, or call/text 845-522-1915 if you have any questions). We hope to see you there!