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July 19, 2023

New Shelter Rules in NYC Show Absolute Absurdity of Biden/Hochul/Adams Immigration Policy: New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“Today’s New York Post story about new shelter limits just imposed by the City of New York demonstrates the absolute absurdity of the Biden-Hochul-Adams  immigration policies. More than 90,000 foreigners have been shipped to the five boroughs in recent months — that’s what happens when you declare a ‘sanctuary city’ —  and nearly 55,000 are now seeking shelter in City facilities, prompting Mayor Adams to limit stays for single adults to 60 days, after which they’ll be able to reapply for shelter that probably won’t exist. Additional non-citizens arrive each week by the thousands, despite the Mayor’s warnings that New York can’t take any more.  

“New York City has its own problems; we can’t fix the troubles of the world. New Yorkers have crises, too, and many need shelter, but now they’re being forced to wait in line for people who just got off a bus, and who will keep arriving until Washington finally does something about this. While New Yorkers stumble over trash piles and broken city sidewalks, almost a billion of their tax dollars are going to non citizen services. When will this insanity end?’’