NY GOP/CONSERVATIVE Congressional Delegation Supports “Limit, Save, Grow Act”

Our delegation has taken a responsible position on reducing federal spending while keeping the government from defaulting by voting for the “Limit, Save, Grow Act,” a proposal spanning more than 300 pages that would lift the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion. The bill also cuts federal spending by $4.5 trillion.

With the United States having hit its borrowing authority, the country is staring down the barrel of defaulting on its bills without this action from Congress driven by the Republican caucus. 

Biden who has refused to come to the table to work out an agreement with a united GOP is running out of time. He needs to act like a leader and lead or find the country in an ominous position where it can’t pay its bills, further leading us down a dangerous path as the world watches.

Assemblyman Matt Slater Announces Bill to Protect New Yorkers from Foreign Enemies at Home

The New York State Conservative Party is calling for immediate passage of legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Matt Slater (R-C, Putnam/Westchester) that would prohibit China, Russia, and other nations of concern from purchasing real property throughout the Empire State.

The bill, A. 5301, follows the alarming arrests of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence officers who have been operating spy centers in New York City and across the nation. (These are CCP spy centers, not Chinese “police stations,” as they’ve been carelessly described.)

“Whether its spy balloons, cyber-attacks or the recent arrest of Chinese Communist Party agents in New York City, America is constantly under attack by foreign enemies,” Assemblyman Slater said. “This legislation will prohibit China, Russia, and any other nation of concern from owning property in the Empire State. New York must take action to protect its citizens and safeguard our property and natural resources from foreign influence.”                    Read my statement here.

Bad Idea: Automatic COLA Increases Attached to Minimum Wage

Many business owners have been clear that raising the minimum wage will result in them hiring fewer workers, giving out fewer raises, or a combination of both. Some are threatening to leave the state, something New Yorkers cannot afford as they have already seen far too many jobs leave to friendlier business climates.

Now the state is planning to attach cost of living increases to the minimum wage through the state budget. That eliminates a true minimum wage and creates a low wage that will become a permanent cap for many workers. The governor and legislature agreed to raise the state’s minimum wage incrementally over three years to $16 per hour upstate by 2026. After that, annual wage increases will be indexed to inflation, which at this rate under this administration, is crippling.

It usually is better to look before you leap.