Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-up Feb-10

Bidens SOTU

President Biden wants you to feel that things are looking up for our nation. To make his points, the President filled his annual State of the  Union Address with half-truths and lies.  More jobs, sure, but make no mistake, they aren’t jobs created, but jobs returned as we rebound from the pandemic. Improving the economy, maybe. Out-of-control inflation, obviously.

On Mexico, the President was not willing to connect the dots between his foreign policy and border failures with the nearly one hundred thousand Fentanyl deaths in the country. Fentanyl comes over our borders from the South and through various mechanisms directly from communist China.

He touted a bring back the “Made in America” banner created in the early 1970s by a Republican Administration. Too bad his party spent most of the previous administration denouncing its “America First” theme.

Biden’s inability to tell the truth resulted in him using his address to the nation to falsely accuse the Republican Majority of working on cutting Social Security and Medicare the true third rail of government and politics. As though on cue, the Democrats denounced the GOP for jeering Biden’s lie instead of questioning why he lied in the first place.

Direct TV and Newsmax

Political speech, particularly dissenting speech, is America’s most precious resource, whether it comes from the political left or the political right. At a time when free speech is under attack and censorship by big tech, television providers should not be removing any news networks.

Newsmax is not just another network; it has become a wildly successful alternative to the major Networks, Fox and CNN, even going as far as to outperform both in the ratings at times.

I suspect the decision by AT&T to pull Newsmax is hardly over the financial reasons it claims; it just sounds too convenient for the moment. I know corporate boardrooms aren’t the friendliest places for conservative thoughts. I also know that corporate boardrooms should have no place deciding where and where not the consumer will get their news.

We are tired of being told what to think and how to think by elitists. This country was founded on Principals, the most important being freedom of speech. The longer they keep Newsmax off Direct TV, the longer they suppress our 1 st Amendment.

2023 Political Action Conference

Thank you to everyone who supported and attended our Conservative Party Political Action Conference. I have had the good fortune of hearing from countless attendees over the last couple of days and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. From the beginning, the conference had a different feel and look. The centralized location in Albany, combined with a revamped speaker format, helped result in one of our largest turnouts. I am sure many came away with information they will put into action going forward.

The new member Congressional Panel of Nick Lalotta, Michael Lawler, Brandon Williams and Marcus Molinaro was worthy of its own public affairs show. Gordon Chang on China and Brandon Judd the national head of the Border Agent Council were insightful.

The Rookie reception had near twenty new members of Congress and the legislature in attendance. The Awards reception that closed the conference was in particular well attended.

Lee Zeldin’s news conference which received both national and statewide coverage had over nine cameras and countless journalists in attendance.

Lee who was the Luncheon speaker was modest in describing his efforts and thankful for all the  Conservative Party did for him.

The Conference was planned and executed by Jason McGuire, who acted as Master of Ceremonies, along with  Jim Thomas, Eileen Johnson, Chris Kendall, Aaron Martin, and Andrew Davis.

I would also like to thank our former Executive Director Shaun Marie who continues to provide guidance.

I look forward to continuing to grow the ranks of the Conservative  Party and helping deliver decisive victories around the state.

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