Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses NY’s Congressional delegation, Hochul’s State of the State and Biden caught with classified documents. 

Congressional Delegation

 Our Congressional Delegation has done very well in the first set of committee announcements, many earning top positions in what will only make New York stronger as a state.

Congresswomen Claudia Tenney and Nicole Malliotakis were appointed to the Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful committee in the House of Representatives. Congressman Michael Lawler was appointed to the Financial Services Committee which oversees the Equity Markets and the Insurance Industry among its responsibilities.

They join Congressman Andrew Garbarino who was appointed a member of the Majority Steering Committee which works directly with the Speaker in managing the House Republicans.

Of course, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik the Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference is the third highest ranking member f the House Majority.

Next week appointments will be announced for the remaining members of the New York delegation. Considering our slate were the U.S. House “Majority Makers,” I expect that they too will do well.

Congratulations to all!

State of the State

 Having traveled to Albany for Governor Hochul’s State of the State, I am being kind in calling it a recipe for disaster. Maintaining the Dream which she hoped would become the thematic outline for her remarks were another reminder of the nightmare NYS government has created for most of its citizens.

There was little to offer on public safety. In fact, her approach will push off meaningful change for the  foreseeable future.

Her housing proposals are not realistic. The proposal to allow the state to override local zoning should be a non-starter. Ending the use of fossil fuels for heating in new construction which will require the use of electric heat pumps is an expensive burden for homeowners and landlords a like.

Her proposal to increase the minimum wage to above $21 and to link a cost-of-living adjustment with it, will drive more existing businesses out of the state and be one more barrier to attracting business.  Balancing budgets on ultra-expensive borrowing and federal funds that are unlikely to materialize remains her goal as she plans for a new record spending document. We need to cut spending.

Governor Hochul’s State of the State is a reminder that New York lacks a leader in the Executive Mansion. It’s a sorry State of affairs.

Read my full statement on Hochul’s speech here

Biden Caught with Classified Documents

 President Biden looked like a deer in headlights as he attempted to explain how so many classified documents came to be in his possession during his four-post Vice Presidency years in office. His Press Secretary did him no favors with her inability to articulately answer questions from the media and often times looking unprepared.

The bottom line is he cannot explain how they ended up in a totally non-secure setting. It is long overdue for the Democratic Party to hold Biden to the same standard they wish to hold President Trump. I suspect that will be impossible for a Party more focused on hate for President Trump then admitting to their own serious flaws.  My full statement is here.

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