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Nassau County – Sept. 25…Gerard Kassar has been unanimously reelected as Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, it was announced today. Mr. Kassar was voted into a third two-year term by the Party’s State Committee which met in Nassau County on Saturday to elect officers and attend to other party business.

“I am thrilled to be given an opportunity to serve the NYS Conservative Party again as its State Chairman,” Mr. Kassar said. “My tenure as Chairman has been filled with exciting challenges and many successes. I expect my new term to take the same path, with many successes this November. With these wins the Conservative Party will play a leading role in returning to our state safe streets, economic prosperity, common sense education policies and an acceptance of constitutionally protected liberties.”

The New York Conservative Party was formed in 1962 to restore a meaningful choice to the voters of New York State. At that time, the three existing political parties espoused the doctrinaire liberal philosophy of the welfare state at home and the collectivist ideology abroad. In just six decades, the party has grown from a small band of conservative-minded men and women to a statewide organization dedicated to the traditional American values of individual freedom, individual responsibility, and individual effort.

The full slate of elected Conservative Party leaders follows:

State Chairman – Gerard Kassar

Executive Vice Chairman – Shaun Marie Levine

Secretary – Howard Lim, Jr.

Treasurer – Francis T. Vella-Marrone

State Vice Chairs

Daniel M. Donovan

Hugh Fox, Jr.

Thomas M. Long

Ralph C. Lorigo

Donald S. Mazzullo

Allen H. Roth

James M. Thomas

Michael E. Torres

Regional Vice Chairs –

William R. Beckman – Hudson Valley Region

Henry “Hank” Ford – Northern Region

Brian Gardner – Capital District Region

Russ Gugino – Western Region

Christopher J. Kendall – South Central Region

Jason J. McGuire – Mid-Western Region

H. Leonard Schick – North Central Region

At-Large-Members –

Stuart J. Avrick

James J. Barrett, Jr.

Carol Birkholz

Ross Brady

Michael Buttino

David Mario Curcio

Thomas V. Dadey, Jr.

Louis DeCicco

John P. DeLessio

Chung Dick

John E. Flynn

Robert A. Fois

Edward J. Gaddy

Michael Garlock

John J. Hayes

Eileen Johnson

Jim M. Kerr

Paul Kosowski

Edward A. Magilton

Aaron M. Martin

James M. Maxwell

Patrick A. McManus

Bernard Ment

Donald F. Minichino

Christopher M. Mistron

Dimitry Edward Naemit

Scott D. Nasca

David Pappert

James F. Quinn, Jr.

Reid W. Robbins

Brett A. Robinson

David H. Ryan

Laura A. Schreiner

Robert E. White

Anna M. Wilcox

George S. Wonica