Do you feel the “progress” on inflation that President Biden spoke of today?

Even on 9/11, Biden tries to divide Americans.

CAUTION, the photo in the article is extremely graphic and heart wrenching. Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times: Remembering the most haunting image of 9/11

Katie Pavlich’s must read: Biden’s Depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is Reaching Crisis Levels

Dems’ $53M spending on MAGA Republicans belies just how cynical their ‘threat to democracy’ cries are.

Of course the border is secure — since Kamala Harris changed the definition of ‘secure’. Video captures migrants in camo scaling Arizona wall after Harris says border secure.

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Inflation rose faster than expected in August, keeping prices painfully high

Inflation Slightly Eases, But There’s A Massive Catch

Inflation Continued to Climb in August, Defying Expectations.

New CBO Score: “Inflation Reduction Act” Increases Deficit through 2026

Fact check please: Biden says ‘progress’ made on inflation despite higher prices in August.

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Hawley Calls Out Credit Card Companies for Tracking Gun-Related Purchases

Hochul to let COVID-19 powers lapse  

‘Dirty tricks’: Hochul boosters accused of ‘deceit’ in pre-filled ballot applications.

Zeldin hits congestion toll as cash grab as he cites MTA ‘waste’.

From the Washington Times:  New York City law allowing foreigners to vote is illegal.

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Charlie Crist Portrays Himself As Jesus Christ Against ‘DeSatan’ in Bizarre Stump Speech.

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