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I sometimes wonder how the VP passed the Bar, then I remember it took her two triesKamala Harris Blames Turmoil In the Country On Abortion Bans.  Really, VP Harris? Inflation, out of control government spending, a president that insults half of our nation’s population, closing pipelines that supplied energy independence, illegal immigrants storming our borders as if they were storming the beaches of Normandy to end an unholy war. And you blame the turmoil on abortion bans? Question to you:  how many people’s lives have been improved by the company Apple? How many people have good jobs with Apple Inc.? The first Apple computer was created by Steve Wozniak , Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne in 1976;  later in his life Jobs would express gratitude that his mother didn’t abort him.  Despite what you think, VP Harris, nowhere in our US Constitution, did it provide for women to have an abortion and it certainly did not provide that tax dollars be used to pay for an abortion. Overturning Roe v Wade did not end abortion in the United States of America; rather, each state has been given the ability to allow their legislative body to decide if they support abortion. Albeit, personally I wish it had overturned abortion as a right, because I wonder if the aborted baby could have cured cancer, solve agriculture problems, found the best solutions for climate change, among hundreds of other positive ideals, was one of the 63,459,781 (latest numbers) innocent unborn aborted.

Interesting. Spence Brown writes in Democrats Are Worried That They’re Leading in These Battleground States.

Politico writes Who will control the House? Look to New York. An interesting article that gives an almost positive view of the upcoming Congressional races. We passionately believe that our candidates have a much better chance of winning than Politico indicates as the article isn’t based on polling, nor the mood of the voters. We can and will win in November! Get involved, help your candidates win. Talk to your neighbors, friends and family. Your vote matters! Together, we will take back the House, Get rid of Senator Charles Schumer, fire Gov. Hochul and elect a legislative body that is more in tune with your values. If you don’t know where to begin to help, give us a call and we will get you involved.  Thank you!

Lee Zeldin trails Kathy Hochul by only 6 points in NY governor’s race: poll.  The latest poll continues the good news for Lee Zeldin! “Zeldin split the Hispanic vote with Hochul — usually a reliable Democratic constituency in New York — 41% to 41% with 18% of respondents undecided amid worries about crime and inflation.”  “He also leads among independents — voters not affiliated with a political party — 52% to Hochul’s 38%.”  And where they know the Governor best: “Zeldin leads Hochul on her upstate turf in the western NY/Buffalo region 54% to 38% and is up by 21 points in the central NY/Syracuse region.” NOW is the time to get involved. Click here to help Save our State!

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