Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Zeldin’s closing in, Family Farms and California’s far left agenda.

Zeldin Closing in on Hochul

 As you have hopefully seen, a new independent poll shows Lee Zeldin within four points of Governor Hochul. That poll, along with a poll made public over the summer conducted by renowned pollster John McLaughlin, shows momentum is on our side with a little under 2 months remaining.

This news does not come as a surprise, you can feel it on the streets, you see it online and you sense at every Zeldin appearance that the tides are changing.

In the past month alone, Lee has raised almost four million dollars, including $1.5 million at an event headlined by President Trump last weekend.

With November 8th quickly approaching, it is imperative we continue to spread the word about Lee Zeldin and his campaign. We have a real opportunity right in front of us to bring back public safety, and common sense spending while protecting our farmers and making sure congestion pricing never sees the light of day. There is too much on the line to not get involved.

You may contact the Conservative Party if you would like to get involved or request a lawn sign.

New York Planning to Ban Family Farms

Very few New Yorkers understand the economics behind maintaining a family farm, yet most New Yorkers will tell you family owned and operated farms are businesses worth supporting.

The State Government, through an unelected board, has now proposed a change in overtime rules that will force many smaller farming operations to go out of business which will ultimately lead to the loss of jobs, the ending of family owned businesses and traditions, and finally forever changing the landscape of our rural counties.

The Governor and Democratic controlled Senate and Assembly won’t rest until all of Upstate New York looks like New York City.

The Conservative Party has joined with Senate and Assembly Republicans, Lee Zeldin, and the state GOP in urging the New York State Labor Commissioner to reject the Farm Labor Wage Board’s recommendation.

Read my full statement here.

California Continues To Get It Wrong

 California, a state that is doing a job equal to only New York when it comes to out migration, is set to ban the purchase of new cars after 2035 that are not electric vehicles.

Ironically enough, within 48 hours of that announcement, the need to stop charging your electric vehicle was announced and a pause went into effect because of the state’s insufficient electric supply and their inability to sustain their grids current load. It would make you laugh if it was funny.

New York, apparently not one to learn from other state’s mistakes, is on the verge of doing the exact same thing when it comes to vehicles. The legislature and Governor are close to signing off on a ban of new non-electric vehicles in 2035, even while knowing that fully charged vehicles have been shown to perform poorly in New York’s colder environment.

With power plants being shut, electric prices are expected to rise almost 40% over the winter. Calls by the cyber mining industry for new sources of power are being ignored while alternative energy sources are more of a fantasy then a reality in terms of their ability to meet demand.

It does not take a genius to know that you do not follow someone over a cliff, yet Governor Hochul seems dead set on following the lead of California and Governor Newsom. She won’t stop and she’s taking you over that cliff with her.

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