Joe Biden’s legacy will always be the catastrophe of the Afghanistan exit.

In an error when crime is escalating, Progressive groups tell Hochul next chief judge must not be former prosecutor.  Among the progressive groups signing the letter was the Working Families Party, a political organization that endorses legislators who have voted for legislation that has help create the surging crime rate.  Since Governor Hochul has dug her heels in on the progressive cashless bail and will not remove NY’s AD Bragg, rest assured the 100 organizations who were signatories, have her ear.  Even  more reason to Save our State by electing Lee Zeldin the next governor of New York State.

Need another reason?  After a rough June primary in New York, insurgent progressive candidates are doubling down.

Lee Zeldin’s Op-Ed in today’s NY Post says Hochul congestion pricing hike puts struggling New Yorkers in a jam.

Just when you think Andrew Cuomo can’t have any chutzpah left, he shows a little more:   Cuomo’s clueless chutzpah in demanding taxpayers fund his sex-harassment defense.

Gov. Kathy Hochul hopes you do compare her chutzpah to Andrews:  Gov. Hochul knows the immigrant crisis is national — why won’t she act like it?

Why the Public Is Skeptical of Garland’s Mar-a-Lago Story.

American Stasi.  With all  the problems facing America today, it is important to remember that our Constitution created a Republic and as noted by Benjamin Franklin, “if we can keep it.”

An example of what happens when people get power and think they are above ordinary citizens:  FBI Director Under Fire for Government Plane Travel.

This will always be Joe Biden’s legacy:  The anniversary of our Afghanistan withdrawal will be a moment of lasting shame.  From the Daily Signal:  ‘Humanitarian Tragedy’: One Year After the Taliban Captured Kabul.   Former Green Beret: ‘Moral injury’ suffered in Afghanistan exit that Biden admin is trying to ‘move past’

Twitter thought police prepare for elections so they can censor political opponents.  The Daily Signal also writes about Twitter’s plans:  Twitter Vows to Fight ‘Election Misinformation.’ More Censorship Incoming.

From the Daily Signal:  4 Facts About IRS Gun Arsenal.

I Lost a Child to Miscarriage. New York Times Essay Likening Miscarriage to Abortion Is Despicable.

Once Champions of Working Class, Journalists Now Represent America’s Elite.