Government makes far too many errors …are they really errors or a way to keep lemmings controlled?

How much will this cost taxpayers? Biden won’t restock oil reserves until late 2023 but wants to make repurchase deals now.

Biden’s energy devolution.

White House announces sale of additional 20 million barrels of oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if, at the very least, one person would present the “other” side? Fossil fuels: essential to human flourishing

Is anyone shocked by this? Whistleblowers: FBI/DOJ Deep State Working Overtime to Protect Hunter Biden

ICE developing program to give ID cards to illegal immigrants, as border crisis rages

Why Some Votes Count More Than Others

It doesn’t matter to Congress…it isn’t their money being used, it is ours:  Congress’ Vote on Delphi Pensions Bailout Shows Problem With Putting Unions Above Law

File this under Revising the Facts:  Fauci: ‘I Didn’t Recommend Locking Anything Down’ During COVID

Dennis Prager:  Why My Friends and I Had More Wisdom When We Were 12 Than College Students and Faculty Have Today

Government should be more concerned about addiction problems than collecting tax dollars to feed there self-serving programs designed to keep them in office. Marijuana consumers worldwide becoming addicted due to high potency pot, studies suggest

Government should realize that putting up signs that areas are gun free are just making those places a sitting target. Good guys with guns: Concealed carry saves lives.

Another place where government has created unintended consequences:  Vaping Taxes Had Lethal Unintended Consequences, Yale Researcher Concludes

LinkedIn’s ‘misinformation’ policies are an attack on science and by denying differing opinions it has a tendency make things worse. After Covid: unhappiness is worse among single and non-religious Americans.

Monkeypox’s Inconvenient Truth.

Dr. Siegel: There are a lot more monkeypox cases than we know

Jeff Minick writes in Intellectual Takeout:  The Dutch Are Awake. Are We?

The John Bachman Newsmax show has One more tribute to our Chairman Emeritus with Chairman Jerry Kassar on John Gizzi.