Semper Fi, Mike. Thank you for a job well done. May you rest in peace; we will keep fighting the good fight for you.

Michael Goodwin writes in the NY Post about:  AG Merrick Garland’s kid gloves vs. Hunter Biden

Who says crime doesn’t pay; it certainly does for some people:   Ghislaine Maxwell can enjoy movies, yoga after transfer to Florida prison.  Your federal tax dollars at work. Absolutely disgraceful…could it be a payoff so she will keep her secrets?

Matt Vespa makes a point. It isn’t that everyday people are not concerned about the environment, we are, but the hyperventilation while ignoring the immediate problems of today, end up falling on deaf ears.  COOL IT: Al Gore’s Latest Global Warming Remarks Are Why This Issue Goes Nowhere.

The problem with career bureaucrats, is that they are bureaucrats; seldom working in the real world, never really knowing how to balance the books by making the necessary adjustments. They do however play with words, try to change accepted economic definitions and spin it to keep in power. Team Biden: You Know, Maybe We Should Reimagine the Definition of a Recession.

Somebody, please send this to the Biden Administration:  8 Ideas That Will Teach You to Think Like an Economist.

How Did Democrats Become So Out of Touch With the American People?

How CHIPS for America Act Chips Away at America’s Economic Freedom.

The Washington Examiner editorial board writes:  Bipartisan electoral reform is possible.

Seth Barron writes in City-Journal:  New York’s Supreme Gun Distraction/State and city leaders condemn a high court decision on legal firearms, saying that it will worsen rising violent crime—but that’s a problem in their own power to solve.

Just a few of the articles about our Chairman Emeritus Michael R. Long:

From the NY Post:  Former NY Conservative Party leader Michael Long dead at 82

From Newsday:  Michael Long, longtime state Conservative Party chairman, dies at 82

From the NY Times:  Michael R. Long, N.Y. Conservative Party Stalwart, Dies at 82


From the Auburn Citizen:  ‘A force’: Michael Long, longtime NY Conservative Party chair, dies

From AM NY:  New York State Conservative Party leader Michael Long dies at 82

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