Only 60%…I think that number is off, probably closer to 85% if responders were not afraid to be honest.

Please pray for him and his family, and Officer Wilbert Mora who is still fighting for his life,  and please pray that this insanity ends!  Slain NYPD rookie wanted to improve relations between cops and communities.  If you would like to help these families, or any family member of a fallen officer killed on duty, click here for directions on how to donate to the Widows and Children’s Fund.  Thank you for your consideration.

Bob McManus writes in the NY Post: Time’s up for NYPD bashers.

Albany needs to fix NY’s broken bail laws as part of this year’s ‘Big Ugly’ budget deal.

Mandatory Minimums Won’t Curtail Alvin Bragg.

Andrew C. McCarthy writes in National Review:  How ‘Progressive’ Prosecutors Are Betraying the Constitution

Every single legislator that voted for this bill deliberately and unquestionably defied the will of the people when they voted for this bill!  NY eyes voting reforms following defeat of ballot referendum.  Remember this on November 8, 2022.  NY expands absentee voting after defeat of ballot measure.

Fact-Checkers Are Used to Confuse the Public: Sharyl Attkisson.

From National Review:  The (federal) Democrats’ Election-Law Circus.

Only 60%?  Poll finds 60 percent would vote against Biden if election was held now.

Biden’s Year of Failure.

Regulatory costs soar as Biden adds rules faster than predecessors.

Sen. Cotton On Ukraine: ‘Biden Bears A Lot Of The Blame’.

‘A Staggering Act of Appeasement’.

Where Will Putin Stop?/Only where he is stopped, as Russian history reminds us.

The Russia-China Axis of Authoritarianism: Part I/Testing Western Resolve in Ukraine and Taiwan.

China’s Cooperation With Russia Puts Future Nuclear Arms Control in Doubt.

China’s Huawei Pays Tony Podesta $1 Million for White House Lobbying.

Thanks to Biden Administration’s Weak Leadership, Iran-China Threat Growing.

Inflation only goes up and will bankrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Supreme Court to Hear Cases Challenging Affirmative-Action Policies at Harvard, UNC

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question: Is America Heading for a Systems Collapse?

The Pandemic Job Shuffle/Nearly two years of data reveal the downside of lockdowns.

From City Journal:  A Covid Origin Conspiracy?/Newly released emails make more plausible the contention that Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins presided over the suppression of the lab-leak theory for political reasons.

This article deals with a bill currently being deliberated in the lower house of the Irish Parliament, the Dáil Éireann is currently considering the “Dying with Dignity Bill 2020”, so none of the sections are analogous to the bill in our legislature.  However, the exact same opposition to the bill is analogous.  We are strongly opposed to the New York State version known as Medical Aid in Dying Act.

This article is quite disturbing, but one that, I believe should be made available to those who do not know what their children/grandchildren are exposed to on popular social network sites like TikTok.  (I happen to be one of those grandparents and I’m sure I am not the only one.) Beware, it is graphic and deals with transgenderism.

What Is a Woman?

Turning the Tide on Addiction.