Why are progressives pursuing turning America into Panem?

Please keep in your prayers.  ‘Three times a hero’: NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora dies after Harlem ambush.  Rest in Peace Office Wilbert Mora.

Florida Closes Covid Treatment Sites after FDA Revokes Monoclonal Antibody Authorization.

Fox News footage shows mass release of single adult migrants into US.

Progressives are determined to destroy the one country that has uplifted the world and turn it into the dystopian nation of Panem.  Five Democrats the left plans to target. Our message to them must be:  We will NOT let this happen!  Democrats say change to filibuster just a matter of time.  They, the progressive democrats seem to be intent on being the inhabitants of the Capitol of Panem where the nation’s most wealthy and powerful reside, while everyone else is forced to live in the Districts.

Team Biden seeks to stop yet another pipeline even as gas prices rise.

From National Review:  Biden’s Ukraine Problem.

Bob McManus opines in today’s New York Post: Mayor Adams’ plan to tackle crime is complicated — but it might actually work. “… to quote Adams speaking from City Hall yesterday, “We’re going to [target] the trigger-pullers.” To that end, he promised that the NYPD’s hugely successful anti-crime patrols — dissolved by Bill de Blasio — will be reinstated. And that they’ll be deployed to 30 violence-wracked police precincts within three weeks.  Strong words and a promise of swift action, just 24 days into a new administration. This is a hopeful combination.”  As usual, Mr. McManus knows the pulse of New York and is hopeful that Mayor Adams will be able to keep his campaign promises.  High praise from a man who loves his city.

Today’s NY Post editorial:  Adams reveals his ‘battle plan’ to save NYC — let’s hope Hochul has his back.

More good news for New York City residents in today’s NY Post:  Keep up the purge of worse-than-worthless NYC educrats.

Long Island judge rules Gov. Hochul’s mask mandate as ‘unlawful’.

Breaking: After SCOTUS Loss, OSHA to Withdraw Vaccine-or-test Mandate for Businesses.

Washington Post Details Joe Biden’s Descent Into the Political Gutter.

By the way, disgraced Sheldon Silver died in prison.