Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Non-Citizen Voting in New York City Elections

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
January 10, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “I’m proud to join with Republican officials in signing onto litigation to prevent voting by up to 800,000 non-U.S.-citizens in future New York City municipal elections.

“This outrageous new law is almost certainly unconstitutional, and it cannot stand. Voting in modern America is properly reserved for U.S. citizens — and U.S citizens alone — and attempts by the Democrat Party to erase all distinctions between citizen and non-citizen are dangerous and wrong.

“One almost misses the days when the City Council was simply an object of humor: (Q. What’s the difference between the New York City Council and a rubber stamp? A. A rubber stamp leaves an impression.)

“There’s nothing funny, whatsoever, about the City Council now. It’s radicalism knows no bounds.”