Legislative Memo Opposed to Absentee Ballots

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 2022 Legislative Memo…
 In Opposition to
S7565-B Biaggi (on Election Committee Agenda 1-10-2022)

 Purpose of Bill:  To allow voters who are concerned about voting in-person due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to request an absentee ballot through December 31, 2022.

Party Position:  On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, the voters of New York State soundly defeated the statewide ballot Proposition 4 “No Excuse Absentee Voting.”  This bill seeks to override the will of New York State Voters.

Voters are currently allowed to request an absentee ballot, for a variety of reasons.  Illness, physical disability, care-taking responsibilities, are a resident at a veteran health administration hospital, which are legitimate reasons to request an absentee ballot.

This bill seeks to allow until December 31, 2022 a person to request an absentee ballot to those who are concerned about the risk of voting in person.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic almost 2 years ago, prevention and treatment have advanced to a point that people have the means to protect themselves in their everyday lives.

When voters could only vote on election day, the voting polls were crowded at times and people would have to stand on long lines in order to exercise their civic duty. However, New York State has early voting that people can take advantage of; gone are the days that only one day is possible to vote.

The Conservative Party of New York State strongly opposes A 7565-B as it willfully seeks to override the fact that New York voters rejected this statewide ballot proposal just last November.

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