There is hope, America has gave the WOKE crowd a wakeup call.

Biden blames Conservatives for his losses; thanks for the shout out, Joe; we will continue to do our job! Biden blames election woes on everyone and everything — but not himself.

New York State is turning the tide, election night showed that the Conservative Party made a huge difference around the state and with its defeat of statewide propositions 1,3, and 4. Our Vote No campaign stopped the weakening of the independent redistricting process, prevented the proposal for same day voter registration from being added to the state constitution prevented universal voting by main and ballot harvesting from being added to the state constitution also. We thank the voters for rejecting these ill-conceived, “grab for power” proposals. Read our statement here.

Ballot measures to loosen voting rules are big losers in New York election.

You can find out more about the unofficial election results statewide here and in your local county here (click on your county, the look for unofficial election results)

RSLC: If Youngkin’s Upset Was Monumental, the Results in One NJ District Are a ‘Political Earthquake’.

Who is Winsome Sears, besides being the newly elected Lt. Gov. of Virginia? Unlike New York State, Virginia elects its Lt. Gov. in a separate vote. The new Lt. Gov. elect, ran a spirited campaign to become the GOP nominee; according to Ballotpedia Winsome Sears defeated Tim Hugo in the fifth round of ranked-choice voting with 54% of the vote to Hugo’s 46% in the May 8 Republican convention. “It’s a historic night, yes it is,” Sears said. “But I didn’t run to make history, I just wanted to leave it better than I found it. And with your help, we’re going to do that.”  Watch what else the newly elected Lt. Gov. had to say after winning on election night.

5 Things Marx Wanted to Abolish (Besides Private Property).

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Minneapolis voters reject measure to replace police department.

China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal, Pentagon says in new report.

ACLU busts Biden’s narrative on payments to illegals.

OSHA vaccine mandate to hit large employers Jan. 4, with hefty fines for noncompliance.

Global tax agreement is a bad deal for the US.

President Biden and others who stress “necessary” climate changes, you do know this, don’t you? China Has No Interest in Climate Change.

Manchin calls election results a ‘wake up call,’ acknowledges impact of Biden agenda.

Just In: Federal Authorities Arrest Primary Steele Dossier Researcher as Part of Durham Investigation.