Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the election results, the defeat of ballot proposals 1, 3, and 4, and looking ahead.

Election Results

It was a great night for common sense across New York as voters turned out from all over the state and issued their own mandate; stop the insanity.

From Long Island to Buffalo and everywhere in between, Conservatives and Republicans pulled off resounding victories, sending a clear message that our voting bloc isn’t going away. In fact, we’re getting stronger, more engaged, and clearly, we’re not backing down from the fight as we head into the 2022 midterms rejuvenated and ready to bring more common sense leadership to New York.

Joe Biden blames Conservatives for his losses; thanks for the shout out, Joe; we will continue to do our job! Biden blames election woes on everyone and everything — but not himself.

Ballot Propositions 1, 3, and 4 Defeated

 The New York State Conservative Party is proud of the impact it had on races in every corner of the state on Tuesday. Our ballot line provided a place for voters of all parties to register their judgement on the direction of New York State politics. What voters said is significant: they’re had it with runaway progressive policies that have rendered New York less safe, less free, more expensive, and less desirable.

The Conservative Party is particularly proud of the role it played in defeating three pernicious ballot initiatives — Propositions 1, 3, and 4 — that would have weakened long established election integrity safeguards and given Democrats even greater partisan control over redistricting. This victory for common sense will reverberate nationally* and hopefully put a stake in the heart of HR1.

 Looking Ahead

 It has been an exciting week, but this is just the beginning. We must build on this success and begin preparing for the 2022 midterms. We are going to have competitive races throughout the state that are going to need our undivided attention.

We saw what we’re capable of when we’re dialed in, engaged, and spreading our common sense message. We demand safe communities, we demand parent’s rights, and we demand intrusive big government stay out of our lives.

Let us celebrate our historic wins accordingly, but not lose site of the fact that we are right around the corner from another highly competitive election season in which the United States House of Representatives majority is on the line.

*In case you missed what Senator Mitch McConnell said Wednesday 11/03/2021 on the US Senate Floor:  One observation from last night: Governors races and state legislative seats weren’t the only things on the ballot last night. Yesterday the deep blue state of New York, New York, the home of the Senate Majority Leader, had two of America’s signature proposals for weaker elections actually on the ballot as ballot measures. Citizens got to vote directly on whether to open the door to two changes, two changes that the politicians wanted. Same-day registration and no excuse absentee voting, on the ballot in New York yesterday. And as of the latest tally a few minutes ago, both proposals were losing. They currently are both losing about 60/40. Even in deep blue New York, citizens appear to be rejecting the Democrats’ demands for weaker elections. So, I think there’s only one question left. Where will the Mets and Yankees end up now? Surely Major League Baseball can’t let them stay in New York after this.

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