Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses early voting, Biden underwater, Removing Jefferson and our 2021 Fall Reception this Thursday.

Early Voting begins Saturday

 The early voting period begins this Saturday and I urge everyone to grab a friend or family member and go vote.

 The nine months of the Biden Presidency have been flooded with controversy and out of touch policies. We’re feeling the pain at the pump where the average gallon of gas in New York State costs $3.51. Families are having to make sacrifices at the grocery store due to the rise of inflation, and supply chain issues are causing shelves to go empty. We have a humanitarian and health crisis at the southern border and handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban.

Additionally, it is pivotal we flip our ballots and vote NO on propositions 1, 3, and 4! Please make sure your friends and family are aware of the crucial need to vote on these Democratic power grabs.  In fact, a NO vote on all five proposals would be the right vote.

We cannot allow this to become the status quo. The opportunity to send a clear message is now. Early voting runs from Saturday, October 23 until Sunday, October 31.

Biden Underwater

 President Biden’s approval rating continues to sink as Americans wake up to the harsh new reality he has provided.

The president currently stands at 43% approval and 51% disapproval in an average of the latest national polls. Democrats are keeping a close eye on the approval rating of the President as it could be an indicator of what’s to come in the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden’s declining rate should be a concern to the White House as Democrats cling onto a slim majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. The biggest alarm should be Biden’s approval among independents; an important voting block for the Democrats. The President has lost seven points since September and has dropped nine points with suburban women.

 The Biden experiment is not working, and it only took nine months for Americans to realize it.

 Removing Jefferson

 Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Council want to drag from City Hall a statue of one of America’s most celebrated presidents and founding fathers that has stood in its chambers for almost a century and a quarter. If that doesn’t tell you the state of this city, nothing will.

Their priority as crime skyrockets, potholes deepen, and public confidence in city government plummets was to erase history.

The genius of our founders lay in their understanding of human fallibility. The nation they envisioned was fixed upon ideals rather than individuals exactly for this reason. We celebrate Jefferson not because he was perfect — no man or woman is — but because he blazed a path for human dignity and freedom that we aspire to achieve every day.

Our Government has abandoned all common sense and reasoning. They spend more time looking for things to be outraged over instead of working to fix the problems right in front of their faces.

2021 Fall Reception

Our fall reception is right around the corner and we look forward to seeing you there. We are happy to welcome gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin amongst many other honored guests.

Come join us for a great evening of fun in Westchester. Register to attend here.  

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