The White House spin is only digging a deeper hole; it is time they accept that twisting facts doesn’t work.

New York’s proposed Green Amendment could usher in “vigilante regulation through litigation.”

Biden’s AWOL administration

Rich Lowry writes in the NY Post Op-Ed Page:  We’re facing a new cold war with China — and need to act like it.

NIH Admits to Funding Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan, Says EcoHealth Violated Reporting Requirements.  So, President Biden, what is your response to the breaking news?  How will you have Jen Paski spin it?  And how will Paski spin this?  McLaughlin Poll: Biden’s Approval Falling, Trump Remains Clear 2024 Favorite.  Or this?  Fox News Poll: High voter worry on inflation as Biden economy ratings plummet.  Maybe Psaki will defend this better:  ‘Can’t Afford Half This Stuff’: Shoppers Rage As Biden’s Inflation Crisis Torches Their Wallets.

Then again, Charles C. W. Cooke made this observation yesterday:   Psaki providing increasingly curious responses to Biden’s many woes

Will the press be honest after listening to AG Garland’s testimony on January 6th?  Garland Debunks Democrat ‘Insurrection’ Claims About January 6th.

This is undoubtedly a court case to watch:  Parents Sue AG Garland for Violating Free Speech Rights with FBI School-Board Memo.


This is a minor win, as a procedural vote by Schumer allows the bill to be brought back for a vote.  GOP blocks Senate Democrats’ revised elections bill.

Rubio Delays Vote on Biden Nominee Over ‘Defense of Infanticide’

So, what else is new?  Dubious Tactics To Boost McAuliffe for Virginia Gov/VP Harris, press sec Psaki face criticism over questionable electioneering actions.

Larry Kudlow writes: Here’s to the New Washington Power Couple. He Hates Spending, She Is Loath To Tax.

Gov. Hochul, didn’t you commit to transparency?  The Health Department’s response to a FOIL request for nursing home data triggers 2020 déjà vu.

Capitalism Is Good for the Poor.

Economic Freedom Is the Path to Healthy Environments, Social Progress, and Good Governance—Not Woke Corporatism.

A Special Emergency Retirement Broadcast…The Coming Inflation Time Bomb featuring Larry Kudlow.

Choosing Children Over Self-Centered Ambitions.

Teen suicide and transgenderism.    To my daughter’s gender therapist: you were wrong.