Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Hochul open to decriminalizing sex work, Tenney introduces Bill to stop government mandates and our upcoming Fall Reception on Thursday, October 28.

Hochul Open to Decriminalizing Sex Work

 “It is absolutely something I’ve thought about and I’m considering,” those are the words of Governor Kathy Hochul when discussing legalizing sex work in New York State. “I’m discussing it with many advocates and people who have strong opinions on this.”

Decriminalizing sex work will create havoc in urban communities and cause more stress that our communities simply can not afford. In a climate in which criminals are walking free due to cash bail reform, this new progressive agenda item can only further erode our society.

In the New York State Senate two bills have been introduced, one that would completely decriminalize sex work and the other would still make it illegal to pay for sex from.

Decriminalizing promotes sex trafficking and is a gift to the men who are running them for a profit. Listen to the comments from Erie Chairman Ralph Lorigo here.

 Tenney Introduces Bill to Stop Government Mandates

Congressmembers Claudia Tenney sand Jim Banks, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, introduced the Health Freedom For All Act on Wednesday to prevent the Biden Administration from enacting vaccine mandates on the American people. The bill would clarify that under existing law the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not have the authority to implement rules requiring Americans to undergo COVID-19 vaccinations or testing.

President Biden announced that he would impose a mandatory vaccine requirement on US businesses employing more than 100 workers or require weekly testing for those who remain unvaccinated. This decision is in contrast of previous assurances made by President Biden that he would not impose such mandates on American’s, instead prioritize voluntary vaccination efforts.

New York began firing individuals working in the medical field or education system if they are  not in compliance with the state’s mandatory vaccination requirement on Tuesday which immediately led to urgent cares in Albany being closed due to lack of healthcare workers available.

Nurses were yesterday’s hero’s and today’s villains. They deserve better and our citizens deserve their individual liberties.

Annual Reception

Our annual reception returns October 28th to Westchester County. This year’s honoree is Ron Robinson, former President of Young America’s Foundation. For years the foundation has been committed to ensuring young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.

As a principal outreach organization of the conservative movement, the Foundation introduces thousands of young Americans to these principles.

Young America’s Foundation stepped forward to save President Reagan’s Western White House, Rancho del Cielo, in the spring of 1998 to preserve it as a living monument to Ronald Reagan to pass on his ideas to future generations. President Reagan committed himself to reaching young people with his ideals—a goal that is also central to the Foundation’s mission.

Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin will be a special guest and we expect to announce more guest shortly.

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