President Biden, you have been well served by America’s freedoms guaranteed by our US Constitution, why are you unwavering in your determination to alter them now?

State Vice-Chairman Ralph C. Lorigo (Erie County Chair) appeared on NBC’s WGRZ’s Town Hall on Tuesday evening to discuss Gov. Hochul support of decriminalizing prostitution.  You can watch it here.  Note how strongly Mr. Lorigo supports women.

Michael Goodwin writes about the Tragic cost of Biden’s Afghanistan lies.

James Jay Carafano writes that Joe Biden’s plan to stop terror is ‘far’-fetched.

Biden Democrats have declared war on American small biz.  “Americans don’t deserve to bear the brunt of policies pushed by people in Washington who will never feel the effects of them, and who will receive a healthy paycheck each month no matter what.”

Betsy McCaughey exposes the billions hidden in $3.5 trillion bill to tilt election scale.

A ‘Titanic’ effort: Biden push to enact agenda headed for iceberg.

Malarkey, in Trillions.

Biden’s Immigration Treachery Threatens the Nation, Not Just National Security.

Poll shows people aren’t buying Democrats’ voter-suppression narrative.

New Poll: One Piece of Bad News for Biden after Another.

Garland should extend funding for special counsel John Durham’s Russiagate probe.  This will be the first true test of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s independence…does he have the backbone to extend funding?

BREAKING NEWS:  Durham Issues New Subpoenas in Probe of FBI Russia Investigation, Targets Clinton Campaign Law Firm.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Refuses to Acknowledge Economic Reality Because She Thinks It’s Mean.

David Marcus: Biden admin doublespeak – your handy guide to White House euphemisms.

Gatestone Institute write about A New Word for the Administration/For Those Who Have Chosen Power and Profits over Patriotism.

Larry Kudlow writes: If the Federal Reserve Craters to Leftist Democrats, King Dollar Will Be in Trouble.

Yes, Virginia parents should tell schools what to teach.

Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates in NYC: ‘This Is a Turning Point.

Despite Gov. Hochul public statement of not supporting the defunding of police, Gov. Hochul appoints another strong supporter of defunding police.   Why is it that most every democrat elected official ignores a simple fact:  actions speak louder than words?

Bill Hammond alerts us that Hochul’s Emergency Order Imposes Insurer Restrictions Sought by Hospital Group.

New York’s disconcerting new governor.

YouTube bans accounts with vaccine misinformation.  Quick question for YouTube:  Who decides what is “misinformation?”

Taiwan’s Wealth Shows Cuba’s Poverty Is the Result of Socialism, Not a Blockade.

Victor Davis Hanson opines about Orwell and the Woke.

CPNYS mourns the loss of a patriot and good friend, Sheriff Adrian “Butch” Anderson.