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As WNY attorney fights for COVID patients to get ivermectin treatment, UB doctor cautions more studies are needed.  The good doctor may want more studies, but ivermectin has saved lives.  Thank you, Ralph Lorigo, for all you are doing for those who need ivermectin.

Here is a review by City Journal on a new book you may want to read:  What Progressives Wrought.

Conservative Party condemns council bill prohibiting criminal background checks on tenants.

Is anyone really surprised by this?  State wrestles with $9 billion in unemployment debt/Lawmakers remain largely silent on a tab that could lead to increases business costs.  When government forcibly closes businesses and pays people to stay home, it is the obvious result.  The question becomes what is government going to do to remedy the situation?  As noted, silence from the leadership. “Democratic leadership in both the Assembly and Senate did not respond to requests for comment on any plans to address the unemployment debt.”  Struggling businesses will undoubtedly have to replenish the money and you the consumer will pay for governments’ misguided generosity with our money.  It is well pass time to change the leadership in New York State.  If you have any doubt about that read this:  ‘An Amazing Transition’: Andrea Stewart-Cousins on the New Era in State Politics and What’s Next.

When will the joke of the JCOPE Commission be dissolved?  Ethics panel apparently ignored complaint about inspector general.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  How to Gerrymander the Empire State/New York’s redistricting commission is headed for failure.

Mark Steyn opines on A Hinge Moment of History.

Peter Schweizer:  Biden’s Afghanistan Mistakes.

Climate Change: The Next Power Grab.

Disgraceful:  MTA flood pumps from $1.5M Sandy grant have never been used, IG says.

Biden’s amnesty will only make border crisis worse.

The truth behind the Texas bridge migrants.

The Immigration Radicalism of the Democratic Reconciliation Bill.

From The Hill –  This week: Democrats face mounting headaches.  What the headline leaves out is that they are ALL self-created by their own arrogance and obsession to stay as the oligarchs they have morphed into.   There is a modicum of good news for now:  Democrats blocked from including immigration reform in party-line spending bill.  But Biden is not about to give up in his, AOC’s and Sanders dream: Biden pushes back at Democrats on taxes.

Betsy McCaughey writes that Biden Democrats’ huge social spending bill is a vast attack on Americans’ work ethic.

Biden’s big union bailout.

Biden falters in pledge to strengthen US alliances.

Andrew McCarthy asks the question in National Review Plus:  How Will Courts React to Biden’s Increasingly Imperial Presidency?

Mr. President:  Did you see this?  Biden actually the divider-in-chief, not ‘uniter,’ new poll finds.

From the Gatestone Institute:  Why Arabs No Longer Trust the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Future of Conservative Constitutionalism.

Supreme Court Will Hear Major Abortion Case on December 1

“You Americans Have No Idea What You Have Here”.

Another inspiring story:  Jose Hernandez:  Proving how important being a legal immigrant is and how important working hard for something you really want to do.