VP Harris couldn’t find a football game to attend, so the VP criticized our dedicated border control agents.

Larry Kudlow (and most Americans):  How I Yearn for a Calm, Prosperous, Orderly America.

Dem plot to ‘Steele’ the White House: Anatomy of a political dirty trick.  It is beginning to look like this will make Watergate look like child’s play.

Independent Source Confirms Authenticity of Damning Hunter Biden Emails

Rich Lowry opines in today’s NY Post that Spin and lies won’t hide the extent of Biden’s border fiasco.

Jen Psaki taken aback after CBS anchor criticizes ‘very bad behavior’ by US: ‘We don’t see it that way’ (I guess Jen Psaki only expects that kind of observation from Peter Doocy.)

Nikki Haley says Biden ‘ignored’ threats in UN speech that did not mention Russia, China by name.

What is “horrible” and “deeply troubling” Madam Vice-President is that lack of respect you have for the US Constitution!  Harris ‘deeply troubled’ by images of Border Patrol agents on horseback blocking migrants, agents respond.

Don’t be caught by not knowing your new district lines:  Redistricting Commission sets public hearings on proposed election maps.

New York State’s Redistricting Commission’s Early Gridlock.

Left Leans Into Champagne Socialism,

Democrats Spend Big, and We Pay, for Their Socialist Dream.

Biden’s Budget: The Road to Serfdom.

Reagan, Biden, And The Facts On Government Spending

From Gatestone Institute:  China’s Vast New Nuclear Build-Up/When “China is ‘Untouchable’ in Terms of Military Power”

Companies and workers need to start getting real about returning to the office.

The Negative Relationship Between Welfare And Work

Biden’s Reckless Vaccine Mandate Risks Severe Economic Dislocation, Higher Prices.

The CDC Just Released New Stats on Children and They Are Alarming

12 People Canceled by the Left After Expressing Conservative Views.  Just wondering if there is a list of people canceled by the right for expressing leftist views…if you know of one, please send.  Thanks.

McLaughlin Poll: Trump’s Coming Electoral Landslide

Dennis Prager writes: As America Has Become More Secular, It Has Become Less Free.

Finding a Way Out When at Your Wit’s End.