LM 2021 – 001 Opposition to creating the office of ‘New York Office of Cannabis Management’


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Purpose of Bill:  The purpose of this bill is to establish a new Office of Cannabis Management for the regulation of cannabis, to create a regulated and taxed cannabis industry in New York and to provide for various social and economic justice initiatives related thereto.

Party Position:  The Conservative Party of NYS is adamantly opposed to this bill that seeks to provide for the lawful possession, use and personal growth of cannabis – marijuana – for adult-use of cannabis that is still currently a Schedule 1 drug under federal law. 

 It would allow plants to be grown in the home with different stages of growth; and allow for 5 pounds of cannabis in the home and up to 3 ounces outside.

Marijuana use has increased when legalized in other states because it is available and when it is legalized kids and adolescents believe it is harmless, while science has proven it contributes to psychosis and schizophrenia, and sadly it reduces the IQ of those who start using the drug before age 18.

Traffic injuries and fatalities have increased in states that have legalized the use of cannabis, i.e. Colorado.

Second-hand smoke presents another major concern.

Instead of ending the black-market sales of illegal cannabis; black-market sales have increased in states that adopted similar bills as users look for ways to avoid the taxes the state will collect.

Do we truly want to educate our children on the profits of a drug that is considered a gateway drug?

The public costs of cannabis legalization will increase also, for every $1 of tax revenue in alcohol and tobacco tax revenues, society loses $10 in social costs according to SAM-Smart Approaches to Marijuana – the Top 10 Messages Against Legalization.

The Conservative Party urges a no vote on this bill that sends a message to the youth of New York that getting high on marijuana is harmless, funds their schools and will have no long-term effects.  Nothing could be further from the truth.