Sen. Gillibrand shows her true hypocritical beliefs.

This Morning:  Assembly Democrats Could Decide Cuomo’s Fate

This afternoon:  NYS Assembly speaker lays groundwork for possible Cuomo impeachment.

Groping allegation against Gov. Cuomo referred to Albany police.

How soon he forgets:  6 times Cuomo called for other politicians to resign.

This is a stunning statement by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand; albeit, no one should really be surprised.

The Empire Center has some very interesting information regarding New York’s fiscal interests:

New York’s Pandemic Progress Deteriorates Along with Cuomo’s Political Standing; 

Schumer’s First Spending Bill as Majority Leader Tailors Money for New York Medicaid.

Biden, Congress about to rain cash on NY state, local governments.

Cuomo Administration Approves Additional $45 Million in Pork Spending in 2020, Analysis Finds.  (As long as the federal government continues to bail out states; states like NY will continue to allow grant funds generated from bonds issued without voter approval to be granted by the Governor and his favored legislators.  This “house of cards” fiasco of uncontrolled spending must end.)

Really?  Do we need more black-market cigarettes (that are known to fund terrorists) flooding the streets? Health and Community Groups Back Cigarette Tax Hike for New York

Farmers react to billions in COVID-19 relief bill for Black farmers: ‘Where did common sense go?’

Biden’s ‘Transgender’ Order Imperils Victims of Abuse.

David Keene opines in the Washington Times that Democrats sentence a fair election system to death.  We will continue to link to articles explaining the dangers of HR 1, until it receives its own death sentence.   Here is DeRoy Murdock on HR 1:  the ‘For the People Act,’ tells us the Democratic Party is now the party of vote fraud.

Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times:  Will the real president of the United States please stand up?

Chaffetz & Saphier: Widespread COVID panic – here’s how the left misused science to gain political power.

How pathetic is this?  Paoletta: Amazon Prime Stops Streaming Clarence Thomas Documentary During Black History Month.  Seriously, Amazon Prime?

From Gatestone Institute:   China Ramps up Pressure on Taiwan.

Microsoft Responds to China Cyber Attack by Expanding Business in China.

Ivy League Colleges Partner with Chinese Health Institutions Tied to Military

Is you child or grandchild heading off or college?   Read this first:  The Miseducation of America’s Elites/Affluent parents, terrified of running afoul of the new orthodoxy in their children’s private schools, organize in secret.

Newt Gingrich writes an open letter to Twitter in the Washington Times.

Larry Elder’s final thoughts on reparations.