Governor Cuomo is facing a crescendo of voices all saying they were subject to unwanted inappropriate behavior

Publisher Halts Promotion of Cuomo Book, Citing Nursing Homes Inquiry.  It is positive news that Crown Publishing has halted promoting of Gov. Cuomo’s book, but the question still remains; how much did he profit from it?  According to this article in today’s NY Post, “Embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s book celebrating his response to the COVID-19 pandemic fetched a seven-figure advance – as publishers sought to capitalize on “another political star,” according to a new report.”  But we won’t know for sure until he files his financial disclosure by May 15.  According to the article, the governor has said he would donate a portion of his take to an unspecified coronavirus-related charity. (I doubt that that action will bring much comfort to the grieving families.)  We welcome Assemblyman Ron Kim in joining our call for the book details:  Cuomo urged to come clean on book deal amid nursing home deaths scandal.

Paul Grondahl writes in the Albany Times Union that Cuomo’s mother, sister remain by his side amid accusations;  “I don’t like what he’s going through,” Matilda Cuomo says.  In all honesty, no Mom would like the allegations her son, Governor Andrew Cuomo, is facing.  The whole article is about the allegations of the 5 (now 6) women who claim to have been sexually harassed by him.  What is missing from Mr. Grondahl;’s column is how Momma Matilda and sister Maria Cuomo Cole have reacted to the growing nursing home scandal and the subsequent cover-up.  Why was that left off the table?  Mr. Grondahl did mention it and the problems that have come to light regarding bolts used in the Mario Cuomo Bridge, yet neglected to let his readers know if they are upset by these allegations also.  Interesting to note, Gov. Cuomo noted in his moving eulogy at Mario’s funeral that Mario told him “You always have to do the right thing.”  The question now is:  Will Andrew Cuomo follow Mario’s sage advice?  The families of those who died in NY’s nursing homes need to know; a grave mistake is one thing – a cover-up of that grave mistake is unforgiveable and most likely criminal.

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On a brighter note, we wish James L. Buckley a very happy 98th Birthday.  Principled win in divided times: New York’s election of Sen. Jim Buckley was key in America’s Reagan-era rebirth.  Thank you for carrying our banner; we are so proud of you.


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