Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the first days of the Biden Administration, AG James’ attack on the NYPD and Gov. Cuomo’s short-sighted budget.

Biden Presidency Embracing America Last

It took less than 12 hours for President Biden cancel over 40,000 working class jobs when he halted all work on the Keystone XL pipeline. He followed up that decision to eliminate jobs immediately by re-joining the disastrous Paris Accord which unfairly, and unjustly hurts America.

With the stroke of a pen, President Biden fired an estimated 42,000 American workers who were either employed directly or indirectly to the project. The layoffs will result in over $1.5 billion dollars in lost wages.

Additionally, President Biden did the environment no favors. It is environmentally more friendly for oil to pass through pipes, resulting in 42% less emissions, rather than be transported by rail which increase emissions by nearly 50%. To make matters worse, the cost of a barrel of oil increases between $5 and $10, causing more financial burden on you, the consumer.

That was followed up by his decision to rejoin the Paris Accord which will undoubtedly lead to more American jobs lost while putting an unfair burden on the United States.

Finally, President Biden ordered deportations be halted for 100 days and to open travel from states considered as terrorist hot spots. Caravans are already forming from South America and thousands are heading towards America, during a pandemic, looking to take advantage of the United States and their newly implemented plan to grant undocumented travelers’ entry.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and the ultimate example of elections having consequences.

Attorney General James Attacks NYPD

New York Attorney General Leticia James joined forces with rioters earlier this week when she introduced a lawsuit against the NYPD for responding with force to a destructive mob hellbent on doing damage to city and private property.

Eleven New York City police offers were injured in what James called “peaceful protests.” Conveniently, this summer Attorney General James was MIA as rioters and looters were costing the city of New York tens of millions of dollars.

With early murder rates and shooting victims already outpacing 2020’s dangerous numbers, the NYPD are the only ones serving this city to seem to have any interest in keeping it safe. This attack is asinine and unconscionable.

While thousands have left New York City, leaving the city as an impasse that even Governor Cuomo believes could take 5 years to recover from, it remains unclear to me just how bad the situation here needs to get before voters open their eyes. As a lifelong New Yorker, I can assure you todays inhabitants don’t want to experience the city the way I did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Ignorance is bliss until the “not in my backyard” crowd experiences it in their backyard.

Cuomo’s Short Sided Budget

 Governor Cuomo made it very clear earlier this week that if New York does not receive a federal bailout to the tune of $15 billion, he will sue the federal government then take the states shortcomings and reckless spending out on the taxpayer by way of massive tax hikes.

The new tax rate for top earner would be nearly 11% in New York State, a number that will surely lead to high earners once again packing their bag and heading for friendlier tax pastures. These individuals have a right to save and provide for their families without being the Governors personal piggy bang.

As Senate Minority Rob Ortt stated earlier this week, New York’s overtaxing and reckless spending far predate the financial complications brought on by COVID. “This is poor financial management and poor governing” the Minority Leader said after the budget proposal was released.

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay echoed Senator Ortt’s thoughts on twitter “Yesterday was not a budget presentation. It was the same finger-pointing rhetoric we have heard for months. Federal help is necessary but threatening legal action if your demands aren’t met is far from a reliable strategy.”

New York has been wildly spending money they don’t have since day 1 of the Cuomo administration, never once stopping to consider the situation the state would be in during a time of crisis. The Governors inability to responsibly plan for our state’s future has put us in a deficit it could take a decade to recover from.

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