President Biden begins his administration by continuing to remain silent on Antifa’s riots last night after his inauguration.

Cuomo’s ‘budget’ rant was the opposite of ‘leadership’

Cuomo proposal would raise top tax rate for New York City to 14.7%, highest combined rate in nation.

Seeking Bigger Federal Handout, Cuomo Proposes Record Budget.

Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal leaves the Medicaid throttle open.

How to encourage more New Yorkers to leave New York;  Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins: “We Have an Opportunity to Reset”

Tish James sides with goons against the NYPD

Brilliant piece by Angelo Codevilla in American Greatness:   Clarity in Trump’s Wake

Another brilliant piece, this one by Victor Davis Hanson:  Stabbing Hector’s Corpse.

A reminder that there were good people in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021 that the main stream media will not tell you about:  What So Proudly We Hailed.

Heather MacDonald:  Words of Division.

In fractured country, Left determined it will define ‘unity’ and punish dissenters.

It is even worse than reported:  Biden to Swiftly Unwind Trump Policies on Immigration, Health.

Why would an American President choose a person who ranked murderous Communist dictator Mao Zedong among her “favorite political philosophers?”    And why would President Biden do this?   EXC: Biden Just Picked A CIA Director With a 7-Year-Long Relationship with Chinese Communist Party Fronts  (Should we ask Hunter these questions?)

Really, Mr. President?  What are you afraid of? Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s War on US History

If you are not faithful to your faith, how are you faithful to anything?

Good advice President Biden:  To move on, drop the Trump impeachment trial.

The Pelosi-Clinton Treason Commission.

Michael Goodwin may very well be the best political analysist of these troubled times.  Mitch McConnell’s betrayal hurts the nation: Goodwin.

Kay C. James writes about 3 Ways Congress Tested Its Commitment to Constitution Over 7 Days in the Daily Signal.

8 Strategies for exiting the Biden Years Stronger than the Right went in.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Legacy.

Trump Delivers Long-Awaited Triumph for Criminal Justice Reform in Last-Minute Executive Order.

I was always under the impression that colleges were for raising the bar, now I must ask how much lower will colleges bring the bar down?  College Board scraps key parts of SAT to ‘reduce demands’ on students. Expert questions that logic.  Then there is this:  University says correct gender pronouns ‘matter more than grammar rules’.

Oregon Democratic Party offices vandalized amid post-inauguration protests.  Some of their signs say it all:  We don’t want Biden, we want revenge and We are ungovernable.

Yesterday at noon America’s future began a journey backwards instead of embracing what should have been her brightest future yet.

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