Chairman Kassar discusses our maintaining status as a legal party and election results so far.

Conservative Party Meets Threshold

 There have been 256,584 votes cast on the Conservative Party line as of this writing with 1.3 million votes left to be counted. We have far surpassed the number needed to remain a political party. In fact, we are potentially headed towards record breaking numbers on our party line.

The party has worked hard the last two years to prove our worth and staying power. We are once again playing a major role in the election and re-election of candidates from Long Island, to the North Country and over to the Finger Lakes.

I want to thank our county chairs and their committees for all their hard work this election season. As we approach 300,000 votes for the President, we have much to be proud of.

I intend to keep us moving full steam ahead and continuing to play a major part in electing conservative minded candidates across New York State.

Presidential Election

 The President and his legal team have begun to challenge the results in a handful of states where nefarious actions seem to be taking place.

We have heard individual accounts of irregularities in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia that are concerning. As the proper authorities investigate and look into allegations it is important that our process remain transparent.

It is unconscionable to me that Republican poll monitors in Pennsylvania have not been granted access to polling sites to oversee the voting process and counting. This is, at the very least, an abuse of power and unlawful. What’s going on in these poll sites that they don’t want Republicans to see? Who knows, but the state parties and Trump campaign are taking the proper steps to make sure all legal votes are counted.

The situation is fluid and changing by the hour. We may not know the results for a few more days, but we must demand a clean and fair election process.

There is still a path to re-election for the President and it is imperative, no matter who the winner ultimately is, that we get to the bottom of fraud allegations to ensure the will of the people is done.

Congressional Races

 New York Conservative/Republicans had a good night as two seats were flipped by two incredible female candidates, a trend we saw nationally.

Nicole Malliotakis flipped New York’s 11th district, while Claudia Tenney flipped the 22nd districts in dramatic fashion. Both races were considered “toss ups” nationally.

Additionally, Andrew Garbarino held the seat of the retiring Peter King and we kept every other Conservative/Republican seat in the state.

I want to congratulate Lee Zeldin, Elise Stefanik, Tom Reed, Chris Jacobs, and John Katko on their wins. We have an incredibly hardworking slate of Representatives and we’re excited to be adding three great new members in Malliotakis, Garbarino, and Tenney.

I also want to congratulate Chele Farley in the 18th district and George Santos in the 3rd district, and Liz Joy in the 20th district who all ran incredible races against large odds and did outstanding jobs.  The Farley and Santos races will come down to the counting of paper ballots. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what’s next for them.

New York Senate and Assembly Seats

 Democrats failed to win any State House across the country while losing control of two. Here in New York, that trend continued, while not at the level needed to flip the Senate, we made very meaningful gains.

We made significant movement and prevented the Democrats from gaining a super majority. As it stands, we are currently ahead in 7 races that would be flips, but we are still awaiting the absentee ballot results which will be another 4 or 5 days. I am confident that we will ultimately see gains in the State Senate.

We also made gains in the Assembly. We currently have the lead in 11 seats, but like the Senate races, we are waiting for absentee results. I am confident we will flip between 4 and 6 seats. We have continued to chip away at the Assembly Democrats super majority.

I am encouraged by these results and believe we can continue to elect more good candidates in next year’s local city, town and village races. 2022 is also right around the corner and the Presidents numbers show we can do very well in statewide races. I look forward to building on this momentum.

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