It appears that Governor Cuomo cares more about tax revenue than the detrimental effects of cannabis legalization

Thank you to all who voted on the Conservative Party line.  As noted in our press release on Election Day, we will continue to be a legal political party in New York.   While there are still ballots to be counted, there is no doubt that we will remain a strong political organization.   ABC has a map showing how “red” New York is with very little blue counties, they however, have the population that gravitates to the progressive movement.  There is reason to have hope even in New York City, since there are still strong pockets of “red” there as indicated by the awesome win by Nicole Malliotakis: Malliotakis Rides Law and Order Issue to Big Win in NY-11.

City and State is reporting only two minor parties in New York will keep their ballot access.  Again, thank you for placing your confidence in the New York State Conservative Party.

Morgan McKay writes in State of Politics about Where Things Stand in the NY State Legislature, as of now.  Remember there are still absentee ballots that need to be counted.

From the Wall Street Journal editorial board:  So Much for the Election Landslide.

The Hill writes about Winners and losers from 2020’s election.  (Knowing the Hill expected a “blue wave” this must have been a difficult assessment to explain; even more difficult for Speaker Pelosi to explain.)

Trump’s Deficit in Arizona Shrinks with New Results from Maricopa County.

BREAKING:  Trump closes gap on Biden in Arizona as officials say no results before Friday

Trump Campaign Touts Major Legal Victory in Pennsylvania.

Election staff take ‘day off’ in PA county with 35K ballots to count.

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President Trump is simply suing to stop the counting of bogus votes.

Election night showed why Trump voters don’t trust the media: Goodwin.

File this under “How to internally destroy a nation” Legal weed 2020: States that legalized marijuana, mushrooms on Election Day

Governor Cuomo looks to legalizing marijuana for the tax revenues despite all the problems in states that have already depended on the tax revenues.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.