Statement by Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on the release of Perry Bellamy

Statement by Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar: The Release of Bellamy, Convicted of Setting Up the Murder of State Parole Officer Brian Rooney by the NYS Parole Board Is an Affront to the Safety of New Yorkers.

Brooklyn, NY – Yesterday, we learned of three convicted felons (here, here, here) being set free by the New York State Parole Board. Especially egregious is the release of Perry Bellamy, convicted of setting up the murder of one of their own.

Voters in New York State will soon be choosing who will represent them in the Legislature by making their choice. Voters have an absolute right to know where candidates stand on the current trend of letting violent convicted felons out on parole.

In the last two years, New York’s citizens have watched while the NYS Legislature has amended its criminal justice system to allow those convicted of killing law enforcement officers, rapists, and deranged murders out on parole. Cashless bail has become the norm and so has the most egregious discovery reform that endangers innocent victims again after the alleged crime has occurred. New Yorkers must know where all legislative candidates stand on protecting victims and keeping convicted violent felons in prison.

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