Will the Emperor close areas in NYS again?

Usually when a candidate will not answer a question, it is because they do not want you to know their answer will be one that is not supported by their constituents.  Former VP Biden, who believes he should replace President Trump, still refuses to say if he supports court packing.  By not saying he doesn’t support court packing, we know he does.  Keep up the good work, Joe.  This also gives Americas insight on what kind of president you would make…and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture either.  Another gaffe or outright misrepresentation?  We can’t help but wonder how much discussion will take place on these issues during the debate tomorrow night.

What is going on with the democrats and the leaders of their Party lately?  A few examples:  Ocasio-Cortez’s Snub of Rabin Event Is Harbinger of Democrats; former astronaut Mark Kelly, running for US Senate in Arizona, has some very strong financial ties to the Chinese government; and Miranda Divine tells us that Project Veritas uncovers ‘ballot harvesting fraud’ in Minnesota…one would think that Rep. Ilhan Omar would respect her adopted country instead of trying to turn it into a replica of the country her family left.

In case you missed Dennis Prager’s column, The Left’s Moral Compass Isn’t Broken, the last sentence sums up the left accurately.

Dick Durbin: We Can’t Prevent Barrett From Being Confirmed But…

Why the Democrats Really Fear Amy Coney Barrett.

The Daily Signal writes:  In Amy Coney Barrett, Trump Picks an Exacting Scholar for Supreme Court.

Roger Kimball opines in American Greatness that Barrett Will Sail.

Heather MacDonald:  Blue Truth Matters.

Did you know this about Sen. Kelly Loeffler?  She appears to be a woman who is committed to doing what is right for all of society and not afraid to say so.

New York’s future, if it remains under all democratic control:  New York Legislation Aims To Expand Use of ‘Red Flag’ Gun Law.  Fortunately, there are people like Ron Lauder, who are willing to help save New York by targeting Democratic candidates for New York State Senate.

If you need another reason to take back the NYS Senate:  NY Senate Minority Leader voices concerns for witness safety, citing discovery reform changes.

You can’t vote if you are not registered to vote:  Click here to register or go to your local Board of Election and register in person.  Click here if you don’t know where the local BOE is located.   Mail in requests must be postmarked by October 9, 2020 and received by October 14, 2020.

A prime example why you should register and VOTE in person:  Queens voters are wrongly receiving mail-in ballots marked for military use.

One of the best NY Post editorials written to date:  Andrew Cuomo has gone loco on crime and vaccines.

New York deserves better than this:  New York’s post-COVID job losses outpace all but one other state.  However, the Emperor of NY, continues his total control of what we can and can not do, his obsession to “help” is only driving the economy, loss of tax income, deep into unchartered territory that will take years, if not decades, to recover from and force our youth to places more conducive to starting businesses and raising families.  One small step to help our great state is to take back the NYS Senate on November 3, elect as many conservative/republican Assembly Members as possible and send conservative endorsed congressional candidates to Washington, DC while re-electing President Trump who understands how to get the economy back to solid growth.