The Emperor exists in his own bubble…and we are forced to pay the price.

Victor Davis Hanson examines the Cultural Revolution: What the Violence in American Cities Is All About in Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal.

Fight for America—Voters Must Do This to Stop Socialism and Anarchy.

The Attempt to Overthrow America.

Activists Reenact Communist ‘Struggle Sessions’ for the Insufficiently Woke.

BLM ‘activists’ celebrated as Trump supporter was killed: Devine.

Governor Cuomo’s quarantine exemption for MTV reveals problems with giving governors unchecked power during COVID-19.   “By allowing state governors like Cuomo to issue broad and strict executive orders without going through the legislature, regulations and policies are enforced in arbitrary and confusing ways.”

Does Covid Discriminate?

Speaking of Covid…City and State has a webinar this Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00 PM that people can register for (I don’t see any cost to register) to discuss How COVID19 Has and Will Impact New York’s Health Care Policies, Innovation and Future.  You can register here; and I would hope that anyone who was effected by COVID-19 listen in.  The link does not indicate that one will be allowed to speak, but, just knowing what they discuss should be helpful to all individuals to be prepared for the future.

Gov. Cuomo: Investigating My Disastrous Nursing Home Policy Is Partisan Politics.  The Emperor is still not capable of saying the calls for an investigation is not partisan politics and that the buck stops at his desk.  Pathetic.


Another file that should be filed under chutzpah!   Biden criticizes violence while blaming Trump for fomenting it.  Do they really think people will believe what they are dishing out?  The Laughable Attempt by the Harris-Biden Ticket to Oppose Riots Is Months Too Late.

The Ignorant Mob Assault on Rand Paul Shows How Political Tribalism Undermines Progress.

Nothing surprising about this:  One-party Rule in California is Backfiring.

Gordon G. Chang asks the question in Gatestone Institute’s blog, Should the U.S. Still Try to Accommodate China?

The Democratic Party really wants you to believe that there is no problem with mail-in ballots; perhaps they should read this…Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots.  As Conservatives and Republicans we should be encouraging everyone to vote in person…we can go shopping, get gas, some have gone back to church, at the very least we can stand in line and vote in person on November 3, 2020.  Those who already get an Absentee Ballot because they can’t get out to vote in understandable, but a massive mailing by the local Board of Elections is not in anyone’s best interest.

Why Democrats and their liberal media minions are running scared: Goodwin.

McEnany Shreds Media and Democrats for Attempted Gaslighting on Riots, Violence.

NY is hemorrhaging cash — but de Blasio, Cuomo, unions refuse to face reality.

The City-Journal writes about NY having An Uphill Comeback