The next 62 days are crucial, America needs you now more than ever.

The National Pulse explains why William Cohen, one of the RINO’s endorsing former VP Biden, chose to endorse him.  Read why here.

Biden blatantly lies to National Guard Association.

Does Biden think we’re stupid?

Dangers for Democrats.

As Rich Lowry notes:  Sorry, Democrats: Trump’s not to blame for violent urban unrest — your mayors are.

Joe Biden Stumbles Trying to Describe Impact Of COVID-19…I imagine this is the result of staying in your basement since the beginning of the pandemic.

William McGurn opines in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) if Biden is the new Humphrey.  “…refusal of Democratic politicians (including district attorneys) to hold lawbreakers accountable is what’s really hurting Mr. Biden’s case.”  Here in NYS we know all too well what happens when Democratic politicians fail to hold lawbreakers accountable; those who kill police officers are set free and those who defy the law are given “appearance tickets” and fail to appear.  The uptick in crime is astounding, the uptick in lawlessness is frightening and the major exodus is carving huge holes in the tax structure creating a Catch-22 situation which, if not stopped on November 3 will have our Empire State become a despotism with oligarchs in control.  Need an example of how this will happen?  Read this.

Is this our future?   Portland Has Declared 27 Riots Since George Floyd’s Death.  He Went to the Scene of the Fatal Shooting in Portland. Here’s What He Saw.

The Solzhenitsyn Quote That Explains the ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Violence in America.

Joe Biden’s America being burned down … by Joe Biden’s supporters.

President Trump: Here’s What I Want My Supporters to Do When They Encounter Rioters.

On Education Policy, Americans Overwhelmingly Support Trump’s Agenda.

Black Dad writes open letter to LeBron James; “you don’t speak for me and my boys.”

Cal Thomas writes about A Tale of Two Conventions.

David Keene explains the dangers of being a Trump supporter.

Guy Benson’s column is:   Anonymous Neighbors Write Nasty Note to Family with Trump Sign in Their Yard.

There is a glimmer of hope.  DOJ Officially Investigating Who is Behind Coordinated Riots

To the surprise of no one:  Soros And Cohorts Pumping Billions Into Mail-In Vote Effort.

Coronation: See the haunting trailer for Ai Weiwei’s movie about China’s lockdown.

Thank you, Robert L. Woodson, Sr.,  for starting this project, 1776, to counter the misrepresentation presented in the NY Times 1619 Project.  Want to know more about Robert L. Woodson, Sr., watch this video.

Will you ever see this reported by the mainstream media?  U.S. Universities Underreport Donations from Hostile Regimes by Over $1.5 Billion.