71 years later; Big Brother has a new name: Andrew M. Cuomo.

Yesterday, Conservatives were disappointed in the US Supreme Court ruling striking down a reasonable safety concern to protect women during an abortion (of course, we would rather end all abortions since we are committed to protecting the lives of innocent unborn children).  Today, we applaud the US Supreme Court’s decision that struck down the ban on taxpayer’s funding of religious schools.  The Conservative Party has urged New York State to adopt a tax credit scholarship program that would give a tax credit for donating to private scholarship organizations.  This US Supreme Court decision eliminates the flawed reasoning the democratic controlled legislature always hung their hat on.

Conrad Black writes in The Sun:  Silent Majority, Ignored by Biden, Readies Backlash.

State lawmakers blast de Blasio’s bid for $5 billion in borrowing.  This is an amazing article that exposes the strong animosity between the Governor and the Mayor while also revealing the political chutzpah of the democrats.  I wonder if any of them will understand when the federal government does not succumb to their demands for a federal bailout after years of mismanaging the state’s finances.

The Emperor speaks again:  NY reevaluating indoor dining rules; new requirement announced for malls.  I wonder if Governor Cuomo’s feelings were hurt?  Didn’t his daughters tell him how childish this display was? Cuomo unveils a giant foam mountain depicting COVID-19 climb in NY. Social media took over.  Really, Governor?  Cuomo adds 8 more states to quarantine list.  Big Brother has taken control of New York State.   Are you going to have the NYS Police checking license plates or harassing New Yorkers who may have gone to see relatives?

Kyle Smith writes in the NY Post that Gov. Cuomo is in no position to brag about New York’s coronavirus response.

Blue States Have Been Hit Much Harder by COVID-19. Why?

Governor Cuomo:  Start preparing NOW. Should this be an accurate article, DO NOT LET MORE OF OUR MOST VUNERALBE CITIZENS DIE IN NURSING HOMES.

The Empire Center writes that Nursing Home Vacancy Rate Soars, Hinting at a Higher Coronavirus Toll.  Sobering news and all the more reason New Yorkers need an independent investigation.  “That 13-point increase suggests that the total number of nursing home residents across the state, which is normally about 100,000, had declined by roughly 13,000 in the space of nine weeks.”

When will the current crop of “leaders” learn that appeasement is a coward’s resolution that will never resolve a crisis?  After killing of Brandon Hendricks, NYC’s leaders still appeasing cop-bashers.

Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez:  Your climate claims are built on a house of cards.  (Be sure to click on the link in the article.)

Hong Kong Thrives Only in Freedom.