Just when you think Governor Cuomo really gets it; he lowers the boom and reverts to being the ultimate politician.

When did people forget that the NYPD is still the same heroes the public cheered at pandemic’s height.

The NY Post covered yesterday’s presser by Governor Cuomo this way:  Gov. Cuomo quotes Bible during briefing in shot at Trump ‘photo op’.  To be honest, I did not listen to his pontificating yesterday (to hear him quote from the Bible when he is a huge promoter of death to innocent unborn children is not something that I can listen to and stay calm) but you can here.

Today I did and you can also by clicking here.  Today’s presser starts off on a positive note, then (as the real Andrew Cuomo starts pandering again) it gets difficult to listen to.  He notes in the beginning one must be honest.  We agree.  He then walks back his earlier criticism of the NYPD and states quite clearly “that there is no tolerance for violence against a police officer. Period.”  Gov. Cuomo is right with this statement.  Then we have the COVID-19 update, where he starts with the problems of re-opening.  Here we go again; King Andrew lowers the boom and hints that the riots may lead to another lockdown.  He misrepresents the facts to fit what he wants.  Did you know that testing will be open to all those who protested…not sure if looters are included.  These people are making a free choice, but the testing will be an additional expense to all taxpayers.  Since they made the choice to go to a protest; shouldn’t they, at the very least, pay for the test? The cost of the damage done by looters will be another cost all taxpayers will be handed the bill for.  It was one of his better pressers until he got to the questions from the reporters (Forward to the 43 mark and listen.) when he said was “out of the political business…I have no politics.  I’m just going to tell the truth.”  Take a deep breath and listen to him say he just gives the facts.  He says he represents everyone in the state – true, but he has also said that conservatives have no place in New York.  Andrew Cuomo says what he believes will bring him votes.  He wants you to believe “I have no politics.  I am not running for president” and that he is an honest person, just giving facts.  The chameleon struck again.

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