Chairman Kassar’s weekly topics are Mayor de Blasio, defunding police, and his candidate spotlight shines on Nicole Malliotakis.

Mayor De Blasio Loses Control of NYC

The city that never sleeps is eerily silent as businesses have boarded up in preparation for ongoing riots and looting, which city government has failed to address, leading to all out chaos after dark.

While the Governor and Mayor squabble over how to handle the destruction of businesses, looting, and criminal activity, opportunists continue to take advantage of the Mayors incompetency’s.

The NYPD has done an admirable job attempting to save the city from collapse and arresting those whose intentions are not to peacefully protest, but to wreak havoc on law abiding citizens.

While police deal with Molotov cocktails, rocks, and cement filled bottles being hurled directly at them, it appears street gangs are strategically leaving dangerous objects out for violent protesters to use to cause bodily harm and maximize damage. In some cases, social media videos appear to show agitators handing bricks and rocks to protesters, encouraging them to use the objects to escalate tensions and distract from police to aide in their looting.

While the worst of the civil unrest has taken place in New York City, Buffalo, Rochester and Albany have dealt with their own cases of rioting, resulting in looting and destruction of property. Damages around New York State is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.

There is no telling when tensions will cool, but cities throughout New York State cannot continue down this path. The peaceful protestors have been drowned out by the acts of cowards whose only desire is utter chaos, not justice.

Antifa To Be Declared Terrorist Organization

President Donald Trump announced earlier this week he would be designating Antifa, a far-left group known for its violence and dangerous tactics, as a terrorist organization. This comes on the heels of protests that have turned violent, which many believe to be partially at the direction of Antifa.

United States Attorney General, William Barr, said on Thursday they believe they have evidence to suggest the radical left-wing group, along with other unnamed extremist groups, have worked to delegitimize peaceful protests, turning them into dangerous riots.

“While many have peacefully expressed their anger and grief, others have hijacked protests to engage in lawlessness, violent rioting, arson, looting of businesses, and public property assaults on law enforcement officers and innocent people, and even the murder of a federal agent,” Barr said.

Though the Department of Justice has not yet released the evidence on Antifa’s involvement, they are expected to do so in the coming days.

I commend President Trump for taking the initial steps necessary to designate this dangerous group a terrorist organization. Throughout the years, they have exhibited nothing other than an ability to be a dangerous group of anarchists whose goal is to cause damage, destruction and harm.

Calls to Defund the Police

 While we are all in strong agreement George Floyd’s death never should have occurred. The four men responsible have been fired and arrested for the malicious action – and lack of action – that lead to the untimely death of Mr. Floyd.

The riots, across America, have led to more unnecessary and unwarranted deaths. The riots in New York City (and throughout the state), the attacks on the NYPD and now the call to defund the NYPD are adding gasoline to a raging fire. Defunding the NYPD is the worst possible solution and will ultimately create more havoc and destruction. I am perplexed at the logic behind the arguments of democratic elected officials call for the one government agency that has a sworn duty to protect our city.

I truly wonder of the public’s perception of these same elected officials calling for defunding during riots and looting. Peaceful protests are acceptable; uncontrolled rage, destroying businesses, throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars are not.

Defunding the NYPD allows criminal behavior to flourish and lawful citizens to become fearful of living in a city that would no longer be able to protect them. The vast majority of law enforcement does not look at the color of a person when responding to a call for help; they respond and assess the situation and do what is right to deescalate it.

The men and women of New York’s Finest put their lives on the line every working day to protect the citizens of New York. Should the radical idea of defunding the NYPD be adopted, who will protect the citizens when lawlessness reigns?

Candidate Spotlight Nicole Malliotakis NY11

 Considered one of the country’s top congressional challengers, Nicole is poised to flip New York’s 11th Congressional district back red in this November’s election.

The daughter of Greek and Cuban immigrants, Nicole was first elected to the New York State Assembly in 2010, defeating an incumbent strongly backed by New York State Democrats. Nicole currently serves as GOP Whip and the ranking minority member of the Assembly Committee on Governmental Employees.

She became a household name as the 2017 Republican nominee for Mayor of the City of New York against incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio, holding the mayor accountable for the city’s high property taxes, bloated budget, status as a sanctuary city, and City Halls treatment of the NYPD.

During the mayoral race, she earned 67% of the vote inside New York’s 11th Congressional district, the district she is currently running in to represent.

Please visit her site here to learn more, get involved, or donate!

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