Governor Cuomo thought the applause was for him…

The Syracuse Post Star’s editorial simply says “NY must own nursing home mistakes, learn from them” and we couldn’t agree more.  We cannot go back in time and hold our loved ones as they suffered from this deadly disease, but we certainly can learn from the mistakes made and never, ever repeat them.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is deflecting blame to President Trump; however, it was the Department of Health that issued a mandate on March 25 that required nursing homes to admit/readmit CIVOD-19 patients.  We ask that AG William Barr investigate what led NY to have an extremely high number of nursing home deaths, and if you haven’t signed our petition to AG Barr, please do so now.  The more signatures obtained, the louder our voices will be, please circulate to friends and family to also sign.  Thank you.

Here are the clips for Governor Cuomo’s pressers on May 22, May 23, May 24, May 25 and May 26.  (Caution, do not watch all of them one after another, listening to his self-congratulations and blaming others will wonder if you are in never-never land.  He continues his swipe at the federal government, President Trump, and blames them for not closing down Europe, albeit, we did know and it was well publicized that nursing homes were extremely susceptible to the rapid spread of COVID-19, a fact completely ignored when demanding nursing homes take COVID-19 patients back.)

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Gov. Cuomo thought the applause was for him

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