Pick me, Pick me! I want to be one of the 10!

Governor Cuomo’s presser on Wednesday certainly had an eye-opener that begs the question, if only 10 people are allowed to attend religious observations, who chooses the 10 people allowed to attend?  Has Governor Cuomo attended church lately?  The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, near the Executive Mansion, can hold approximately 1000 people and yet Gov. Cuomo thinks only 10 should be able to attend.  How did you arrive at only 10 people, Governor?  Mindboggling.  Is there a limit for the big-box stores?  Grocery stores?  In NYC the grocery stores are not as big as the Cathedral and I’m pretty sure there are more than 10 people in the store at the same time.  But the micromanager-in-chief has decreed only 10 people can attend religious services.

I’m also surprised that Governor Cuomo continues to speak down to those who listen.  He said he must explain social distancing to the communities hardest hit by COVID-19.   He also noted that government cannot mandate behavior…well, if one states a business will lose their license to do business, how is that not mandating the owner’s behavior?  Hopefully these updates will end soon.  (Gov. Cuomo noted he hates to repeat himself…perhaps, he should listen to these pressers.)  If you listen, and you should listen to the pressers, you will hear him AGAIN defend his handling of the number of deaths in New York’s nursing homes.  Be prepared, it is difficult to stay calm as his arrogance displays itself.

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Can you believe that 3 current state legislators think now is the time to legalize marijuana?  I guess they believe the projected money raised by ingesting pot is more important than the health problems to the lungs during this coronavirus pandemic.  Hypocrites!  But that isn’t news.

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Today’s presser with Governor Cuomo.  (BTW, he keeps repeating himself and telling us how great a job he is doing.)  Cuomo is confused by all the different things we are learning about COVID-19 and slams the feds again for giving non-accurate information from the very beginning…. like letting Europeans into America.  I guess he just wants the first reaction, and then let everything stay exactly as the first reaction was reported.  Don’t keep studying the situation, don’t learn new things.  Obviously, Gov. Cuomo, is not a student of science, if we live in his narrow non-scientific world, Columbus would not have sailed across the ocean to discover a whole new world, Dr. Salk would never have discovered a vaccination to eliminate polio and John Glenn would not have gone into outer space, just to name a few things.

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