Is the pressure to reopen New York getting to Governor Cuomo?

Governor Andrew Cuomo continued his attack on the federal government again at today’s presser.  While not being specific (as to whom he is blaming), he continually reminds every who will listen that no one (who should have known) said the virus was in Europe, only China, and that the coronavirus that hit New York so hard was from Europe.  Obviously, he is saying that he had no way of preventing the unusually high number of deaths because the virus was from Europe, not China as the federal government said.

As you listen to today’s presser, you, like me, will hear how these pressers are no longer about informing the public about coronavirus; they are now about going after federal bailouts and how the corporations are getting all the benefits.  Again, slamming the feds for not bailing out states that have not been prudent with their finances throughout the years and now the police, fire and teachers will have to be cut.  Then he has the audacity to say this should not be a political process.  Oh, and if you didn’t know, Andrew Cuomo is the vice president of the National Governor’s Association, a fact that he has worked into his presentation for about a week now.   Wow, the digs at Trump are not as subtle as in the past.  Today he said “you have to be smart… (to be in government) and followed up with “you’re not going to tweet your way through this.”  Andrew Cuomo fancies himself as a national figure and yearns for the office of United States President.  (While he won’t admit it, what he really desires is to be elected to a higher office than dear old dad was…so pitiful.)  Someone should tell Governor Cuomo that he really should not do daily updates and more; they are boring and his platform will ultimately show the nation that he is not ready for prime time…on second thought, he may be ready for the comedy channel as he tries so hard to let people think he can be funny.  BTW, who was that “unbiased” reporter that asked the Governor a question at the 33.03 mark?  Andrew Cuomo answers her allegations with a totally political answer.   Governor Cuomo was correct when he said answered a question that included this gem, “we do not have that kind of relationship (with the feds) that they are looking for gratuitous advice from me.”

A piece of advice, Governor: one can never really walk back a thoughtless, heartless comment.

This is very interesting.  I can’t help but think that Erie County was just granted a coronavirus “Buffalo Billion” gift.  I have no problem with Buffalo/Erie County in starting Phase 1, but it is also very important for all of New York to reopen.  Please tell me that Governor Cuomo isn’t still playing favorites with Buffalo.

Perhaps, Gov. Cuomo is just coming to the realization that he has been too heavy handed on the reopening:  Cuomo reopening Albany region, allowing small Memorial Day gatherings

Assemblyman Gottfried repeats his call for a truly independent probe of the nursing home coronavirus crisis.  We agree – truly independent so please sign our petition calling on Attorney General William Barr to investigate the many errors that contributed to the 5500 plus deaths in NY’s nursing homes.


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