Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up topics are justice for General Flynn, Cuomo reverses deadly nursing home order, and our congressional candidate in the 18th CD Chele Farley.

Justice Prevails for General Flynn

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt a crime was indeed committed, but not by General Michael Flynn.

On Wednesday, acting Director of National Intelligence, Rich Grenell, released a list of 23 Obama Administration officials who allegedly worked to reveal General Flynn’s identity through the process known as “unmasking” (revealing their identity).

On that list of names, Joe Biden.

An outgoing vice president has no business unmasking an individual named in a raw intelligence report, particularly when that person has served his country honorably for decades and is the presumptive National Security Advisor for an incoming president of the opposing political party.

The fact that we are only learning this now demands the attention of the American people, regardless of political affiliation.  Seven unmasking requests were made by top Obama Administration officials between November 30, 2016 and Jan. 11, 2017, when President Donald Trump took office, in a clear attempt to find or manufacture dirt on General Michael Flynn, a prominent Trump supporter and advisor during the 2016 campaign. That speaks volumes.

So does Mr. Biden’s blatant mistruth this week in denying that he was aware of an unmasking in which he was intimately involved.  Of course, he was aware — he was part of it.

The more one looks at what happened to General Flynn, the clearer his railroading by leading Democrat operatives becomes.  A full and immediate investigation is required.  The American public needs to know why the Democratic nominee for president just got caught lying.

Cuomo Reverses Deadly Nursing Home Order

 After issuing an order to admit COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, Governor Cuomo has withdrawn the order in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus amongst our most vulnerable population.

On March 25, the New York State Department of Health issued an order stating “No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.”

Chaos followed that order and we have seen over 5,300 nursing home deaths throughout New York State, accounting for nearly 30% of all the total COVID-19 fatalities; a majority of which could have been avoided had the Governor, and his Health Department, used common sense.

While I am glad the order has finally been reversed, I am saddened and deeply troubled that this order was not just put into motion, but that it was even considered in the first place.

The Governor had been under extreme pressure to reverse this order, much of it coming from the Conservative Party, and you, who signed our petition and spoke out against the lunacy.

The party continues to call for an independent investigation into the gross negligence regarding what happened in our nursing homes.

Please sign our petition if you have not done so already.

 Candidate Spotlight: Chele Farley – New York’s 18th Congressional District.

 We are pleased to have Chele Farley on the Conservative Party line this November in New York’s 18th Congressional District.

Ready to provide New York families with the opportunity to succeed, Chele is focused on recapturing the $50 billion dollars New Yorker’s pay to the state by addressing the unfair treatment of New York taxpayers. Chele is prepared to lead the charge in easing the burden of crippling property taxes and investing in her districts crumbling infrastructure.

Running a strong campaign in the Cook PVI 4+1 district, Chele has a real chance to flip the seat and bring common sense representation back to the region.  Please visit her site to learn more, get involved, or donate!

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